1 step forward and 2 steps back

Seriously.  That seems to be the norm for me a lot of the time.  I’m usually a fairly positive person, but when I start to feel good for a change and then get SICK.  Not just sick, mind you, but S-to-the-ICK, it can bring me down a little bit.  (see previous post here)

On top of that this morning, I’m more than a little perturbed that I can’t get an appointment with my regular doctor.  They have more problems with their flippin’ computer system than a dog has fleas!  This morning, I was informed that the system was down and they couldn’t make appointments.  As in, “We don’t even know how to use a time chart and schedule people the old-fashioned way. shrugs  Sorry.” 

ARGH! The lady asked me to call back.  I fumed and fussed and reported the sitch to my husband, who told me to call his doc (who is my FORMER doc, so I declined) and when I finally called back, I had to do it four times.  The first three times I got that annoying busy signal.  The fourth, I got an “all circuits are busy” message.

Are you kidding me?

So I texted Tommy back and told him that if he wanted to get me an appointment, go ahead.  I just didn’t think I could call the old office up and ask to be worked in, ya know?

ANYhow, so I have an appointment with some new lady doc who will be taking over the office when the current guy leaves.  Yeah, he’s sick of dealing with our state’s ridiculous healthcare monopoly.  I dunno what you call it, but all of the doctor’s offices around here (almost) are hooked into this company, so they all have basically the same name and they all share records and they can apparently fire people you have hired to work in your office and dictate how to treat your patients.  Yeah.  I’m surprised we have as many doctors as we do around here.  I can’t imagine that sort of thing is at all pleasant to deal with.

But back to me and how sick I am…

I’m not sure what’s going on.  This came on pretty suddenly and started as just
a sinus-y thing…lots more drainage than usual.  Thick, choking stuff that hung in my throat, literally choking me to the point of gagging and all-but throwing up.  (sorry for the TMI… I’m all about the facts, y’all)  Then that slight cough that quickly escalated into this barking, hacking, chest-rattling cough.  I feel like I might possibly have an ear infection too, so I am feeling really and royally craptacular right now.

I always think, when someone asks or comments about how “strong” or whatever I am living with diabetes or whatever other health thing I’m dealing with at the time.  I don’t really see myself that way.  I mean, I just play the hand I’m dealt, to dabble with a card metaphor.  God equips us to deal with or grow from our life situations, ya know?  We may not feel strong enough to deal with whatever is happening at the time, but He sustains those of us who call Him Father.  None of that has to do with my abilities.  It’s just that I trust Him, sometimes a little belatedly, but He gets me through stuff.  It’s nothing that I can do on my own.

My favorite scripture and what I claim as my life verse/s is 2 Corinthians 12:9-10:

That one has kept me sane during several long stays in the hospital or long dark nights in misery and pain.

So yeah, I’m really sick right now and feeling whiny because it’s come right on the heels of starting to feel better than I have in months, maybe even years! (see previous post here)  But I’m trying to be patient and learn whatever lesson God has for me in this.

What’s your life scripture?  What one verse (or verses) do you go back to over and over again when life gets rough?  What does the Bible say that keeps you centered when your world seems to be crumbling?