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thrilled and stunned

Guys, I’m all excited.  We have been talking about trading vehicles for awhile now.  I’m not really a “car girl”, but I do appreciate a well-designed car that commands your attention without being flashy or gaudy.  I have been pretty in love with a Dodge Challenger since they went back to the more traditional body style.  So when the topic came up, I let Tommy know that I really liked the looks of the Challengers.  To my surprise, he began looking for one.

While we looked both on the road and online, we realized that neither of us had ever even driven one and didn’t know if we’d even like how the car handled and stuff.  So a couple weeks ago, when I was in Lexington for a doctor appointment, we drove through a lot up there and ended up driving a Challenger to my appointments and were still in the pressure cooker at 10 pm that night.  Yeah, we’re those people who can’t make a decision and finally, when we at last escape the salesman’s grip, will tell you we’ll get back with you after we think about it some more.

We are NOT spontaneous purchasers of automobiles!  The Lexington dealership didn’t really have exactly the color or trim package we wanted, but we found one we really liked and were considering our options.  Like I said, we were up there late while they pressed us to make a deal.  I will say all the salespeople we talked to were nice and we have definitely dealt with MUCH pushier ones in the past, but they were in full-on let’s-make-a-deal mode for sure!

We just couldn’t do it though.  I mean, after all this was the very first time we’d driven one and the first ones we’d even looked at.  We really needed to give it some more time and research.  Casey was adamant that we not buy a new car.  And he was right.  I didn’t want to buy new either and we sorta felt like we weren’t exactly since we were looking at the 2016s in October!  That’s how we bought the truck, but it had been a rental so it was considered used/fleet and we bought it at the end of its model year too.

So Casey kept sending us links to other Challengers, all the while saying that we shouldn’t get a 2-door vehicle.  When we asked why, he said because it would be hard once there were grandbabies.  I’m like, “Do you have something to tell us or are you just yanking my chain?”  He assured me there were no babies on the way as far as he and Taylor were concerned.  So I said, “When you hand me a grandbaby, I’ll figure out a way to haul it.  In the meantime, I like this car!”  My kids think I’m not smart, I guess…thought they could hint about a baby and I’d buy what they wanted me to (which is a four-door Jeep!)  but nope, I’m not falling for it.  Granted, I have been known to insinuate that there could be a prize for the first ones to give us a grandbaby, but so far, that hasn’t worked either.

We came across a new 2015 Challenger in Hazard, about 50 miles east of us.  Tommy called about it, we looked at the photos and researched its worth.  He and Casey have been crazy getting ready for Jeep Jamboree coming up this weekend.  They’d been bummed to find out they were put on a waiting list for tickets, but then, since they are local to the event, they can go as guides after helping clear the trails the past two weekends.  So yay, but it’s the entire weekend, which they start on Thursday (wha?) so it wasn’t going to leave a lot of time to look into this if we didn’t hurry and we’d already lost one sweet deal by waiting.


We decided to drive over there and look at it last night.  It was dusk by the time we got there, and we hadn’t told the salesman for sure we were coming, so the car was parked behind some others and was super-dirty, but we took it for a drive and fell in love.  It drove and rode smoother than the ones we’d driven in Lexington, plus it had all of the options we wanted (except for one that they said they’d throw in) and an upgraded leather package.   Since it was a year old already, they wanted to make a deal.  They offered us above book value for our truck and threw in factory remote start and navigation activation, which came to almost a thousand dollars.  We really appreciated the way they did business too.  There was no game-playing and “let me go ask my manager”, or “I don’t think he’ll let me do that without some money down”, whatever.  They told us what they could do, we told them what we wanted and a compromise was struck.  We drove Ruby home last night.  Exhausted and giddy, we took her up to show Casey and Taylor (Corey and Melissa were still at church) by that time, it was after 11 pm.  Once we finally left there, we then came home and spent several hours flipping our mattress, vacuuming it and the entire bed, putting on the new hypoallergenic covers and pillows, throwing away all the other stuff and making the bed before we could finally go to sleep.  And then I stayed low for several hours.

Needless to say, I’m really tired today, but it’s been good.  I think I’m still improving slightly.  Had one really bad coughing bout, but once it subsided, I’ve been okay.  I slept a little bit.  Tommy took the car to check on getting a ceramic coating put on and also having the windows tinted.  We need to keep that sun off Ruby’s nice red interior, so they were able to do the tint today.  I’m going in a bit to pick her up.

These photos do not do her justice.  This is SUCH a fine car, you guys!  We’ve never owned anything so nice with so many bells and whistles, nor so much attitude.  😉  Did you see the red interior?

These definitely don’t do justice.  I was honestly afraid the red interior would be the deal-breaker for me until I saw them in real life.  They are much nicer than they look in the pictures.  And the ride…smooth as silk.  We just absolutely love this car!!  We’re sorta dazed right now because we weren’t really planning to buy, but the deal just fell into place, the dealership gave us everything we wanted and without any arm twisting.  It was the easiest car purchase we’ve ever made, that’s for certain!  Our payment could have been much less than what we had been paying previously, but we opted to keep it about the same and finance for less time.  Apparently, in all the debating I’ve had to do with Tommy over the reasons we can’t have a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (price being the very biggest one!) he has fallen in love with my car as well.  Once Casey got in it and drove  her around, he’s pretty smitten too.  I KNEW the reason he was so against this is that he didn’t want his mom to have a cooler car than him!!  Ha ha ha!

Expect a few more pictures as I get better ones in the next few days.  We are SO thankful to have something we’ve actually wanted.  We’re so used to getting just what we can ‘get by’ with because what we want or sometimes really need, is too expensive…this is a very huge blessing and a nice surprise.  I guess this will be considered my early birthday present.  Just wait and see what Tommy does by the time it rolls around.  HA HA HA!

Before I go, let me share a group text with you between me and two of my friends…

G: We’ve been looking to trade our truck & mama want this!  (includes link for the car)  Does it scream midlife crisis as much as I think it does?  Yes?  Mama doesn’t care…

Friend 1: Nice!

Friend 2: Remember if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

G: ‘zackly!  Mama oughta look hawt when she goes to the Walmarts, am I right?

F2: Hey if you got it flaunt it

G:  LOL..or drive something that looks like u might have it…BAHAHA!  The kids r all like u don’t need that for when u have grandkids, as if I’m gonna order them online or something.  I’m like, u provide the babies & we’ll take care of something to haul them in.  Idk y the kids r so against me getting this car. Does is scream ML crisis louder than I think?  Maybe they’ll be embarrassed?

F1: Probably.  It would embarrass them.

G:  Idk y.  It’s not like I’m getting a boob job!

F2: Oh, thanks.  Now I’m picturing you with a boob job, 3G.  I needed that laugh!


G:  Ur welcome.  :p

I will leave you with some pix of Ruby after her tint job…is that like a boob job for cars, I wonder?  Hmm…

I hope none of you pass out from all this hotness….

doing that thing you do…

Hello, boys and girls!  Today we’re going to talk about something that everybody does, but in most circumstances, nobody talks about.  This is an important thing.  Something that, if left undone, would eventually cause the human race to disappear from the earth. It’s something we should be taught about when we’re young, before things get too out of hand and we can’t get back in control.  Something that, left explained or considered unimportant, we may make foolish decisions about and soon find our lives are wrecked.

I am sure by now, most of you know what I’m talking about.  Many of us have problems with this while others seem to find it a non-issue.   Those who are “good” at it don’t understand those who struggle with it.  Those who spend their lives trying to master it, can’t even fathom those people who seem to do it without even thinking.

I’m talking about pooping.  Dropping the bomb.  Dumping the load.  Laying the brick.  Doing the dookey.   Taking a $#!+.  Whatever you call it, however you refer to it, it’s important.

Wait…what did you think I was talking about?

Sheesh!  Minds out of the gutter, people!

So yeah, I’ve been sick as a dog for over a month now.  Trying not to die takes a lot of time and concentration.  You’re worried about taking your meds, do you feed a cold and starve a fever or the other way around, will your ribs break if you cough any more?  It takes considerable thought just to breathe! So I’ve been a little busy with all that stuff, besides feeling like death reheated!

Annnnd…. I may have neglected a few other very important tasks.  Yes,

–stands up– My name is Geannie and I am a Problem Pooper.  sigh  There, now you know.

And it’s true, I don’t get you people who can just drop a turd at the drop of a hat.  What IS that?!?  I mean, it could take me hours.  I just don’t see how you can just snap do the deed and go on about your life like




My husband, Tommy, is like that.  That man poops at least five times a day and twice during a full moon.  If I take the least bit more time getting ready to go somewhere than he does, just when I’m ready to walk out the door, he’s all, “I gotta poop.”

blink, blink

“NO WAY!  We don’t have time for that!!” I wail.  Then -boom-, two minutes and he’s back, ready to go and it’s like he never even left the room (as long as he turns the fan on and shuts the door).

I cannot do that, people.  It takes time.  Concentration.  Sometimes hot coffee, a laxative and an enema!  And even then, it’s not a sure thing.

How is it that you people can just POOP?!?!  Just drop the bomb, anytime, anywhere, even with other people in there just on the other side the door that doesn’t latch properly.   Nuh-uh.  Not happening.

It’s not that we don’t WANT to.  We’d love to be like you poopers who are not hindered by geography, audio interference or emotional distress.  Those who’s poop seemingly just slithers right out, nice as you please, like a big ol’ chocolate snake, allowing you to continue on with your life.

No, it’s not that we want to be bound by this heavy burden.   I could never understand as a child why my mom was always worrying about whether I pooped or not.  To me, pooping was an irksome task that interrupted my playtime.  I mean, I guess it never occurred to me that I could just poop in the woods like the forest creatures because that’s where I usually was, playing for hours.  No, I thought I had to walk allll the way back to the house for this, and so many times, I would not.

Nope.  That poop wasn’t gonna be the boss of me.  I’d show it.

I eventually developed the sphincter of an iron man.

But as I grew and became an adult, I realized that pooping may have been a tad more important than I had assumed.  By then, however, it was too late.  I was caught in Pinch Mode.  It was automatic, if I felt the least urge to lay one down, I’d pinch up tighter.  Seriously, The Gatekeeper learns what you teach it.  I had taught mine not to let ANYBODY out.  Ever!

When I got pregnant with my first, my mother scared me to death about getting a hemorrhoid.  I did everything possible to eek out a turd every day.  I wasn’t always successful and it was a lot more work than it should have been, but I got by without the dreaded butt condition developing and it felt like I had escaped the jaws of death.

As I’m writing this and pondering the topic, I wonder how ANY body in history kept a clear bowel.  Especially women!  I’m thinking pioneer days, late 1700’s to early 1800’s.  I can’t imagine coping with all that long material in those heavy skirts and petite coats trying to squat and poop in the middle of a prairie, probably with some bad-guy train robbers in hot pursuit, shooting arrows or Minie balls at you.  I mean, c’mon!  There’s no way any of those women could have been “regular”.   Let’s don’t even talk about how you wiped.  How they even found their hind quarters in those things is a mystery, let alone actually wiping it.  shudder

Ah, but today, we’re all civilized with special seats and nice soft paper to wipe with, all in temperature controlled rooms and with exhaust fans even!  Not to mention specialty things like this:  Poopouri & Squatty Potty

We’ve come a long way.

Except for those of us who haven’t.  But you know, at one point in my life, I’m not sure what happened.  I’ve had so many medical mishaps and of course, our bodies change over time, but I was in the Super Poopers league for awhile.  I’m not kidding!  Sometimes… whispering –I could even go twice in one day!

I never got to the point that I could dump a load away from home, though.  I mean, some things are just sacred.

#1, I need my things.  My toilet, my magazines, my toilet paper.  You know.  And


(BAHAHAHA!!  Number 2!!)

I need space.  You can’t even turn around in some of those stalls.  There’s no way I could launch one in there!

#3, I need quiet.  How can I poop if people are standing around out there talking..  AND I can SEE THEIR FEET??

Then there are the other issues…I may occasionally make noise.  I mean, getting the brown train to exit the tunnel takes a lot of work.  It’s like hard, manual labor, people.  Not to mention if I were to be able to just drop a single train car, let’s say… the ensuing “bloop-splash” sound would just shut it all down. POW!  Sorry folks, this station is closed and I mean RIGHT NOW!  EVERYBODY STOP!  The tunnel would close indefinitely and who knows when you might expect to hear from the rest of the train!?!?

As an adult seeking to become one of the Perfect Poopers, I’ve read a lot of stuff about the role our nerves play in the whole elimination process.  I told you we sorta train our GateKeeper and the same goes with those nerves.  If we ignore every time we get an urge to even think about possibly releasing a brown bear, then our nerves eventually stop telling us there even IS a brown bear.  Heck, we don’t even know there’s a forest nearby, let alone a bear!  And I think that might be part of the issue, too.  Those Pro Poopers, they get a load right up the dump point before their nerves are all like, “Okay, comin’ out!”  so they run off and launch their rocket.  Wham!  Bam!  Thank you, ma’am!  No prob.  I think the rest of us, our train gets its nose in the tunnel and those nerves, the little conductors of dookey, are like “Yo!  I’m leaving now!  Should be there..oh, in a couple hours.  Maybe tomorrow.  I dunno…”  So if we tried to evacuate headquarters right then, it’d be useless.  That train is still a mile down the track and not in any hurry to leave.  “Hey, yeah!  I see you’ve opened the gate.  I’ll be there…hang on…”  Um no.  Seriously!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  So we go on about our business and by the time our business finally arrives at the exit position, we are in full-on pinch down.  Too bad, buddy.  You had your chance.

Look, it’s a doo-keychain! BAHAHA!

Before long, the dookey conductors stop communicating.  “Oh, look!  The Turd Train is here.  Let’s don’t tell her.  hee hee  Let’s see how she likes that.”  All the while, said train is backing all up in the terminal and the conductors are soon rethinking things.  “Maybe we should have told her?”  But it’s too late. You missed your chance, suckers.

So anyway, as I said in the beginning.  Getting deathly ill has put me on the outs at the Elimination Station and I have got to set things right!   As the CEO of the rail line, I’ve got to get this train back on the track and moving!

I have doodies to attend!

Let’s put on a pot of coffee….  All aboard!!  Poooo-poo!

excitement over a kitchen gadget?

vitamix 5200

Hey guys.  I’m a little excited.  I’m watching a YouTube video about this thing I’ve wanted for literally decades!  I almost feel a little silly that I’m so excited about this, but guys, I have really wanted this thing for ages but just never would bite the bullet because they are a little pricey.

Here…I can’t stand it anymore.  I ordered myself a VitaMix!vitamix5200

[FYI: I am NOT receiving compensation for this post!]

You can go look it up on YouTube or Google yourself and see what this baby can do.  I always thought it would be so amazing to throw fresh ingredients into this thing and pour out hot soup, ready to eat.  It will also make sorbet and ice cream in a blink.  That’s really exciting to me too because I can cut out the dairy and cut down the sugars to make a treat that I can enjoy without getting sick later!  You can make fresh nut butters with it as well, which I love.

This is a photo of the 5200 model, which is what I ordered.  They had a special through PayPal Credit that I could get it with no interest!  It will put a bit of a strain on us for awhile, but nothing we can’t handle and I really think it was high time I had one of these.  Especially since the doctor has told Tommy to knock it off with the weight gain and cholesterol uppage.  Ugh!  I really think this baby will help us eat healthier and make it easier for me to cook more at home.  And with the garden coming along nicely, I look forward to doing lots with the VitaMix this summer!

Maybe I shouldn’t have started watching these videos or searching for info on recipes…I am drooling now!  I will be able to make nut milks and bread dough with this as well!  Oh my!  I may turn into a kitchen phenom!

Heh…well, if my energy level will support that!  I have always cleaned a blender by using warm soapy water and mixing, but of course, then you’d have to take it apart to dry or sometimes to completely clean it.  The instructions actually say to clean a VitaMix this way.  So handy!  The only thing you need to disassemble is the lid!  I absolutely cannot wait!  Look for more blathering about this thing once I get it unpacked, y’all.  I am sure I’ll have plenty to say about it then.

So, do any of you guys have a VitaMix??  If so, please share any insights you have or tips for using it!

MasterLabs 2016!

Guys, I am SO EXCITED!!  You’ll just have to pardon all the caps this post, because I am FREAKIING OUT today!!

I applied over a month ago for a scholarship to attend something called MasterLab 2016.  It’s something I found through Diabetic Hands Foundation.  They award a few scholarships to people who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend MasterLab in exchange for sharing the experience on social media/your blog.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE I WAS ACCEPTED!!  I’m really pumped, but terrified a little, too.

The event takes place this July in Orlando, Florida!!  I know right?  I’m like YAY!! until I realized that means I have to get on a plane.

Not that I’m scared to fly.  It’s not that.  It’s that I have NEVER flown.  Not ever.  Not once in all my life have I flown anywhere!  Not even a fly-by over our town or anything.  Nope.

I have absolutely no experience in airports, let alone a big one like Orlando.  I’m trying not to let myself panic about things like getting through security while wearing an insulin pump and carrying diabetes supplies.  Or packing correctly, or freaking out during take off and landings, or missing the plane at the layover, or getting lost from one gate to the next, or needing to pee but being stuck in between two grumpy people, or… I just might curl up and cry right in the middle of the airport!

Keep Calm & Travel with Type 1 Diabetes?  WhatEVER!

I’m watching videos now about dealing with security and T1D and still not learning a ton.  Some of them are just irrate people who want to rant at a particular airport or people who travel for their work so they focus on their work items more than getting through with diabetes supplies.  Argh!

So, since I’m too scatterbrained to make a very cohesive post about much of anything else right now, I’ll just ask you seasoned travellers out there to give me your tips and advice!  Seriously.  ANY advice is welcome.  I am a TOTAL noob!!

(and did I mention, I’m terrified?)





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on reality television

Okay, so maybe you didn’t know this, but we don’t have cable television. By choice. We haven’t had it for years and years! I just got sick of paying the ridiculously high bill each month and still feeling like we had nothing to watch.

At the time we made the decision to get rid of cable, we had a Netflix subscription, which then was still the DVDs in the mail! (man, that seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it?!) We realized we were watching more of the DVDs than cable, so we just stopped subscribing. I detest feeling like I’m getting ripped off and cable was definitely one of the things that made me feel that way!

We had a satellite dish for a short time, but it was much the same. A too-high bill for very little to watch. I know, we are pretty picky about what we watch and were much more so back then because our boys were still young. Frankly, there were some series that I would have watched but because of the raunchy advertising the assaulted us in between, we would just forego the show altogether. (that’s another pet peeve…overly-sexualized advertising!) Anyway, we haven’t had a cable bill in eons but we have both Hulu and Netflix.

I have to say I’m not terribly thrilled with either of those on their own. Netflix is slow to get the new seasons of things I really like to watch and I don’t even mind waiting till the season is finished running on cable, but when it takes another two cable/real-time seasons for one to get to Netflix, it bothers me. Hulu tends to be a little limited and doesn’t always show current episodes of series I’ve been watching. For instance, I like The Blacklist and began watching on Hulu but after wondering where the next episode was, I began to think it had been cancelled (and didn’t feel like looking it up online) so as I was exploring some of the network apps on our Apple TV, I found about 3 back episodes I hadn’t seen available on the NBC app. Thankfully, NBC doesn’t want to make you pay extra to view the same things they put on Hulu (ABC and CBS do and that makes me furious!) Anyway, so I have to go to NBC to watch The Blacklist and I can’t figure out why that is.

ANYway, all that to say I found this show on FYI network and watched a couple episodes on the laptop while I was tidying the kitchen. It’s called Arranged and is a reality series about arranged marriage in the US. Disclaimer here: I normally hate reality shows. Especially the first ones that came out…so staged and overly dramatized. gag! I avoided them like the plague for the same reason I have always hated soap operas. I have enough drama in my life. Why would I watch a bunch of people cheating on and backstabbing each other on tv?? Nah, that’s not my kinda thing. But this show, at least the first two episodes, has been rather intriguing.

That’s not to say I’ll continue to watch, but MAN! It got me to thinking. First there’s the young “gypsy” couple. Number one: how are they gypsies? They seem to have awfully nice clothes, cars, places to live and put on a very costly wedding. Maybe the word ‘gypsy’ has a new definition? Number two: the boy is way out of his league. He’s arrogant and selfish and self-absorbed. His main concern is his Johnny Bravo hair-do and his clothes. I feel sorry for the girl. I mean, they honestly have an arranged marriage. Following the Romani traditions, they married without having really met or gotten to know each other, moved her into the groom’s family home and began to “test” her. Her cooking skills, how well she “takes care of” her husband, etc. It’s kinda sickening really. I mean, I am all for housewifery and being a homemaker. But in this family apparently, ‘taking care of’ the husband means tending to his every whim and being talked to like an idiot servant. Her parents declined to take part in the show, so they are not interviewed or anything. All you hear is the opinions of the groom’s family. The poor wife is already saying things like, “Maybe I should just leave so you will be happier,” and “You act like you made a mistake,” to which Arrogant Hair-do Boy says, “Maybe I did.” I don’t see this one lasting very long unless he gets down off his high horse.

The next arranged marriage is a southern couple. I’m not quite sure what the producers of the show consider “arranged” because it seems these two have been together and dating awhile. They know each other and have spent time together in the wedding planning and preparations. Doesn’t seem truly arranged to me. She seems to be a bit spoiled, telling her daddy she went over the wedding budget by almost $8,000 and his response was “It’ll be okay.” Ummm, say what? She doesn’t tell her fiancé that she went over budget that much till just a few days before the wedding and his response is understandable and reasonable! He asks her what they’d have done if her daddy hadn’t “taken care of it” and her reply is “Well it’s okay because Daddy IS taking care of it.” He wants to know what will happen when it’s just the two of them and it’s no longer Daddy’s responsibility to bail them out if she overspends. She seems to have no concept. Poor guy! Although, in her defense, HIS mother is a pretty domineering woman who wants her way in everything. She basically makes comments about the bride’s weight/size and in one segment says she just tells her husband what she wants and expects him to get it for her. I do NOT envy this gal her mother-in-law! I pity both parties in this couple.

The third is a couple of Eastern Indian heritage. Theirs also doesn’t seem like a truly arranged marriage because they are living together! Another reason I dislike these kinds of shows. They’re never really about what they say they’re about. This couple seems mismatched because she is very non-traditional and stubbornly independent and he seems to just be going with the flow, not really even participating. It’s like he’s just kinda there. I don’t feel like this couple even needs to be on the show and at this point, since she broke her leg while on an ATV as part of her “bachelorette” party, I’m not sure the wedding will even happen.

Gah. After taking the time to write all this, I am certain I won’t be watching any more of this series. It’s ridiculous and not really about arranged marriages at all. I hate the drama of it and the way it draws out every little flaw. But then again, isn’t that what these shows are supposed to do? And why is it that people want to see that kind of drama anyway? I don’t enjoy it.
Arranged on FYI channel

Now, a reality series I DO enjoy is another I just found on Hulu called The Boonies.
The Boonies on NatGeo channel
I just stumbled across this one too and I really like it. It can feel a bit corny sometimes as the voice-over dude can come off overly dramatic, but the people it features are likeable and believable. I love nature and respect anyone who can live completely off-grid the way these people do. My favorite character of all is Bear Claw.
Bear Claw of Idaho
I’d love to meet him. He seems like such a kind, sweet man who just loves his simple-but-hard way of living. He is the only character that I have never heard use vulgar language or needed to be bleeped out and he often mentions the Lord or church so I assume he is a man of some faith. He is a gentle soul who is ready to come to the aid of his ‘neighbors’ and just enjoys life.
Bear Claw smiling

The other three off-grid stories are of a man and his wife living “above the grid” in a tree house.
Doc & Jenny - above the grid
Another man and his wife and children live on mostly-uninhabited islands in Lake Michigan.
outside the grid
The other man is, to me, a pitiable soul who moved into the caves of Arkansas after the wife he had cared for during the last years of her life passed away.
Caveman Joe - The Boonies
He seems heartbroken and distrustful of people in general for the most part, which is odd since he allows the camera crew in with him. I think he would like to have faith in the human race again, but probably has some sort of phobia of being in public. I think this is getting worse the longer he isolates himself in the wilderness. He seems perfectly at ease in his dark, damp underground world and reminds me a bit of a dwarf from some movie as he searches for gemstones and other treasures to trade in order to buy ammo and other items he needs to survive.

I have to say I really enjoy this show. It’s interesting to see how these people carve out a life in places most of us think of as uninhabitable or in unbearable conditions. I used to love when we went camping back when the boys were still at home. We would really “rough it” opting for the middle of the lake with no electric or running water. We stayed on a nice little peninsula for over a week once and had the time of our lives. I am always glad to get back home to my own bed and a real hot-water shower, but unless it’s nasty weather, I’ve never wanted to go home early from a camping trip. Maybe that’s why I’m fascinated with this show. I understand in a small way the desire and enjoyment of being “out there” and making do with what’s available. I’m not sure I could ever live off-grid that way, but it would be something to try it. Of course, I’m a little too old to get too excited about it now even though at least half of the people in this show are much older than me.

Watching these people makes me think about all we have come to depend on and how many of us would even survive if those were suddenly taken away.  It also makes me think those folks would be the safest of all if we were all knocked into the stone age somehow.  Ha…I’d better stop it before my conspiracy theory brain comes out to play!  😉

Wow…I never planned to write an entire post about a couple of reality tv shows, but there you have it.  It’s what was on my mind.  Have YOU watched either of these and if so, what did you think of it/them?  Do you plan to watch either of them?  Let me know!  I think either of them is fodder for some interesting conversations!



why do we create “holidays” for this stuff?

obscure and made-up holidays in April

Pick a day!   ANY day!

So, I was gonna write about some crazy holiday today.  I went to the Google to see what oddball holiday there was today and found out, well… there’s like an overabundance of them…

made up April holidays

I’m sorry.. help me out here… does that say NOSE PICKING DAY?  (International, no less!) What?  Is it like a contest or are you supposed to save up and do this major clean-out today?  Is it like The Purge and this is the day you can just go crazy and dig for gold any- and everywhere?

Just FYI, I have never seen The Purge.  I don’t think I could handle it.  Without spoiling, because how can I spoil a movie I haven’t seen, it’s apparently about some civilization (seemingly America) that is totally crime free (I have no clue about this or how that would ever be achieved) except for one night when it’s no-holds-barred for murder and mayhem.  ahem  I just don’t get that.  I mean, I like a good skeery movie once in awhile, but unless it’s sorta funny…like when all the characters KNOW there’s a killer loose but they walk into a dark room calling, “Is anybody there?” I’m not that interested.  That’s just silly and I can have a good laugh pointing out all the obvious scenes that aren’t remotely possible.  But just senseless, supposedly government-sanctioned crime sprees?  Nah.  That just doesn’t appeal.

You are either relieved to know that or saddened.  Ha ha!

I’m not sure what the list below is all about.  I mean, “No Housework Day”?  “Blah, Blah, Blah Day”?  “National Honesty Day”??  What WON’T people come up with!?

holidays in aprilI’m not sure what makes us want to create some sort of day to commemorate things that should be happening every single day.  Appreciating the hubby?  Yep, should probably always do that, but maybe we need the reminders.  I guess that’s why we do it.  We need to be reminded that it’s important.

I’m just not sure whether “creating” a day, even if it’s not official, for something we should always do enforces the doing thereof or cheapens the idea altogether.

What do you think?  Is this “make everything a holiday” craze helpful or harmful in the end?  I tend to lean on the side of ‘harmful’, but I haven’t taken time to think it all the way through.  I think I just believe we should reserve holidays for the truly special occasions and stop it with all this nonsense.  Some things should happen every day and what does it say about us as a society if we need reminding?

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things that make my heart quiver…



Okay, I’ll admit, I am referring to the fact that he has my laptop splayed open and is poking around in it with sharp objects.  However, I get a little quivery when he’s not doing that too.  *grin*Read More »

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