eclipse pix and less-astronomical info

Hey everyone!  I hope you all got to see the eclipse on Monday.  I didn’t have any viewing tools and planned to just stay indoors and watch it online, but Tommy came home so I could take a gander at it through his welder’s lens.  I also saw a couple of amazing photos that he and his work-mate snapped.

solar eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017  –zoomed shot with nothing but clouds for a filter!

I did go outside just to experience the atmospheric change from the eclipse.  We weren’t in the path of 100% totality, but we weren’t far from it, either.  Kentucky got some awesome publicity and tourist income since Hopkinsville was directly in the center of the shadow’s path.

I watched the Facebook live feed from a guy in Nicholasville who got some amazing footage.

As I stood outside watching the shadow slowly overtake the sun’s rays, it became an eerie, dusky “texture” outside.  Not nearly as dark as I had imagined it might become, but definitely odd since the sky was relatively clear.  The temperature did drop a few degrees, but the stickiness from the humidity didn’t completely dissipate, so it really felt strange out there.


Then there was the way the birds stopped singing for several

minutes.  You couldn’t hear anything at all except the crickets and cicadas chirping away.  If you ask me, that insane chirping in the middle of the day seemed so loud and out of place it was enough to make it seem much more creepy!

I loved watching the satellite image of the shadow as it passed across the country and I took time to look at some of the most stunning photos from coast to coast.

The entire time I was keeping up with that Facebook footage though, there were a TON of people commenting about how they couldn’t see anything, when was it going to happen and even that the whole thing was fake because they “didn’t see” anything happening.

Seriously.  ** insert thoroughly disgusted face here **  Come on, people!!  I am perfectly fine with you being ignorant about this, but please don’t advertise it all over Facebook?!?  It’s not like people don’t normally give anyone from Kentucky enough stereotypical grief for being dumb already, right?  ** huff **

I’ll move on to refrain from going on a rant about how some folks just love to argue and flaunt their willful ignorance in the internet’s face for all to see.  ARGH!!

For your entertainment, here is what Silvey Fluffy Muffin thought of the eclipse…


granted, her vantage point wasn’t the greatest, but she was content to sit inside and wonder what in the heck I was doing out there.








Okay, so besides my Eclipse Day, I got a new haircut finally!  The guy who had been cutting my hair must have just gotten completely too busy to fool with the likes of this old lady.  HA HA!!  I’m poking fun at him now since he was one of the kids who was in the youth group at our last church years ago.

I ended up going quite a distance out of my way to see a lady from church at her salon.  For clarity’s sake, my “quite a distance” is about 20 miles.  Honestly, I hate going to people I don’t know at all to have my hair cut.  I haven’t done that in eons… like since the boys were little!  The last time I did that, I told the lady I didn’t want any weird angles and I did not want it cut close to my neck.  I was going way out on a limb to trust her to cut my hair in a short style and what did she do?

The EXACT thing I told her NOT TO DO!!  I don’t know if she didn’t understand what I was saying or not, but believe me, I was EXTREMELY clear about it!  I ended up with a cut that was one length on one side and shorter on the other and shorn close to my neck like a man’s cut!!!

I was livid and told my mom and sister since they’d both recommended this woman, that I would never trust them again for a stylist!!

** ahem **  So… that’s why I am so particular about who I let cut my hair!  When I had that last horrid cut done, it was the middle of July and hot as blue blazes.  My hair was thick and long and it was burning me alive!  This was just before I got diagnosed with my thyroid condition, so my thyroid was churning out hormone in huge amounts which made for an extremely hot and sweaty Geannie round the clock!  Otherwise, I would have never let a total stranger cut my hair short.

Yesterday though, I did get my hair cut shorter.  About as short as I’ve ever had it cut since The Nightmare Cut of 1993.  HA HA HA!!  This is a bit thinner than I was expecting, but it will definitely make for flippy ends like I wanted.  I just hope I can get it to have a little more volume once I wash and style it myself.  Otherwise, though, I really like it.  She did almost the entire cut with a razor, which was new for me.  Most of the time all they ever do is razor cut a bit on the very ends after doing the rest with scissors.  ***  Photos MIGHT be posted later.  Don’t hold your breath, though.  😉

Something else I did today was work on my Bible reading plan.  Not that I’m writing one, I just mean trying to catch up on the one I’ve been working on this entire year.  I was really, REALLY bad and got over a month behind on it!  (hey, I TOLD you I was bad, okay?!—I wasn’t kidding!)  As of today, I’m about 25 days behind.

I’m using the F260 reading plan from YouVersion, in case you’re interested.  It takes you through the Old Testament, Psalm, and Proverbs in a year.  Well, y’know…in a year if you don’t get behind.  ** blush **

Today the reading was mostly in Ezekial, Jeremiah, and 2nd Kings.  I never liked reading those Scripture that talk about how wicked the kings and people became during that time period.  As you read through, it’s like “and this king did evil in the sight of the Lord, and this king did what was right in the sight of the Lord, then this king did evil in the sight of the Lord and this king did evil in the sight of the Lord as his father did…”  Sometimes I’m like how in the world did you people not recognize the pattern??  How could you not see that following God’s word was more beneficial?  How did the sons of the righteous kings turn out to be some of the most wicked?  And how did the sons who became righteous kings do so when they had such evil fathers?  

Then I look around at the world today and I can see very similar things happening.  It just looks a whole lot plainer and is more easily recognized when it’s all written out and displayed in such concise little paragraphs.

I wonder if any of those men, those rulers from that day, can see now.  Can they see the words of the Bible, how they have been memorialized in God’s word and pinpoint where they failed?  Can they see the exact moment when they went off the path or when they made the decision to leave a wicked trajectory and change course from the way their evil fathers had lived?

How awful would it be to see our worst moments forever preserved that way?  ** shudder **  No thank you.  I’d rather not.

God’s plan is His plan and men cannot thwart it no matter how hard they try.  Just the way Herrod and the Sanhedrin were used in an attempt to keep Jesus from doing the work God had set out for Him to do.

What thoughts go through your mind when you read things like this in the Old Testament?  Do you have similar questions or are there other thoughts that spring up?  Please share!