getting graded…

No, I haven’t gone back to school.  I’m off to see my endocrinologist today.  That’s the doc who takes care of my diabetes and thyroid disease.  Endos deal with any disorder of the endocrine system, just FYI.

I used to ALWAYS dread these appointments as a kid.  I had some pretty harsh endos over the years.  They seemed to never understand just how hard it is to live every single day, every moment, with this disease.  How, when you do every single thing you’re supposed, Diabetes can still throw you a curve ball.  It’s a stubborn, hateful monster at times that won’t follow the “rules of diabetes care”, no matter how hard you try.

Since about Thanksgiving, I’ve had problems controlling my blood sugars.  First, they were severely low, and since I don’t recognize or “feel” my hypos anymore, that was extremely dangerous.  (you can read about that in this post)  So after doing several adjustments over the phone to my pump settings, now I’m having trouble keeping it down.

SIGH!  So frustrating!

So, I expect to have less than excellent numbers today.  However, I’m sure my endo, Dr. Wendell, will soon set me straight.  Honestly, I should have called to have more adjustments when I kept having highs, but I didn’t.  Not sure why, other than it’s a lot more discouraging to have highs than lows.  Highs lead to complications, ya know?

Anyhow, I’m hoping that with my new insurance, I can once again get sensors for the CGM (continuous glicose monitor) so that I can at least know when I’m going low before I like drive across town or fiddle around here not knowing I”m low and pass out while no one else is home!  ACK!

Update to come!