other stuff I been up to…

So I had big plans for posting about this. I mean, it IS kinda a big deal but probably NOT as big as deal as I made of it.

See, the thing is that I had done something the previous year that was unusual for me.  I set a goal.  I probably set goals more often than I realize, but this one was an intentional one.  And also one that I did not meet.

I was bummed, people.  You will see why when I tell you what it was.  I didn’t tell too many people about it because it was almost traumatic to even set the goal and it was ultra-personal to me.  And also, I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it done.


That might be a sure sign that my goal wasn’t all that practical or attainable.  Hey, I’m new at this!  Cut me some slack.

So my goal, which I set on my 49th birthday, was to lose about 60 pounds before my 50th.  I probably did lose 10 or 12, but by the time my birthday got here, I was pretty much exactly the same weight I’d been the year before.





siiiigh I was so disappointed and almost set up to give myself a good bashing, but then I realized that I should look at my positives.  First of all, I’ve had t1d for over 42 years!!  Making it to 50 was nothing to sneeze at!  Some folks don’t get that privilege with this nasty disease.  Secondly, at least I had not put on more weight.  That was definitely a plus.

I also realized that was not my one and only chance to set or meet a goal, so I’ve reset and decided that becoming a 51-year-old who is less of a person than her 50-year-old self was not a bad goal to have either.

Lord willing, I’ll find a way to stick to this.  My biggest obstacle is getting consistent exercise.  I don’t think I get those dorphine things like everyone else does.  I normally do NOT feel great after exercise.  I’m not sure that I trust folks who are euphoric about how they feel after exertion!  I mean, c’MON!  It can’t be that great!  I usually feel like I’m gonna die!  How come I don’t feel all wonderful and powerful after a workout??  HuH??  That just is NOT fair!


Anyhow, after Tommy became too busy to continue riding our bikes and I haven’t figured out how to get in a good ride by myself without going on the deserted back road past our house, I just quit riding.  I did get pretty depressed about it and moped for awhile.  I realize this and admit it.  Sorry, but it’s how I cope most of the time!

After all that, I have just had a lot of issues with fatigue and in the past several months, I have been trying to get to the point where I’m not just constantly sleepy.  For awhile there, I was sleeping most of the day and all night too.  Yes, and still feeling exhausted!  It was nuts!

Anyway, that is quite a bit better now, but it came after about three weeks of battling high blood sugars (see THIS POST)  I’d spent most of those weeks feeling nauseated and exhausted and angry because it seemed no matter what I did, I couldn’t get my sugars to level out.  I’d treat, corrected, treat and correct without any result at all until four or five hours later, once my level HAD gotten to at least a high normal, it would suddenly nosedive and I’d end up having to treat a low blood sugar!  SO ANNOYING!!

But after that, with Thanksgiving at the doorstep, I was blessed to get several days of unheard-of energy and I got all the things done that I absolutely had to for the weekend of meals and our city kids coming home for a few days before we left with them immediately after our Friday “Thanksgiving” with my family.  We went up to Ohio for a few days to help them move into a brand new house they’re renting.  We were so exhausted and I KNOW poor Tommy was wrecked— he worked so hard, as did the rest of the guys carrying in all that heavy stuff then lugging it up the narrow staircase!  

We finally got it all in and the apartment emptied and all in one day, too.  We spent the rest of Saturday trying to arrange furniture and making beds, etc.  It’s gonna be really nice for them to have so much more room, a backyard solely for Timber to play in and being so close to Melissa’s family. (an uncle and a cousin are right next door!)  The area is extremely nice too.  I’m so happy for them and hope they love it there.

Another awesome thing that happened is that I FINALLY got a new laptop!!  I wasn’t expecting to be doing that at all, but Sunday afternoon we stopped in BestBuy to just check on what they had in open-box stock of Apple computers.  They didn’t have anything I was looking for in open-box but they had a pretty good deal going on the laptops, so after some serious debate, I ended up going with a MacBook Air!  

So far, I’m loving it.  It hasn’t been too hard to adjust to from my old (ancient) Windows laptop since I’ve been using iPhones for about 10 years now.  I can’t get over how small it is but still pretty heavy so in my mind, that means it’s durable.  Ha ha!!  I got the i7 processor which is more than I really needed but it came with 256mg of drive space, so that was my big plus.  I opted for that space over a Retina display.  My old eyes can’t really tell that huge a difference without getting right up to the screen so this works better for me.

Now I have NO EXCUSE not to get my tail busy on that book!  ACK!

Today though, after a little bit of computer exploring, I’m off to get this house straightened up so I can drag out Christmas decorations!  Both my girls (daughters-in-law) have their trees up already, so I’m lagging sorely behind.  Ha. If not for going to Cincinnati over Thanksgiving weekend to move Corey and Mel, we’d have done it then like we usually do.  But it’s all good.  I’ll get it done eventually and Taylor has offered to come help so all I need to do is just get some stuff out of the house (donations) and clean up the floors so we can get with it!

Just for the record, my Christmas decor is not going to anything even slightly resembling a decorator’s dream or some HGTV show like this:





I sincerely hope all you guys had a great Thanksgiving holiday with your families and are gearing up for a beautiful season celebrating Christ’s birth!