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neW hai.R.cut

Geannie's new haircut - Nov 15, 2010

Finally, something a li'l more up-to-date!

I got my hair cut last Thursday.  After several years with the long mop-looking stuff, I just sat down  & told my hair stylist to “Fix it.” She does an awesome job and so I just let her do her thang!  That is SO not like me as I usually find getting my hair cut to be traumatic, not liking the changes at all.  But this?  I love it!

Got me some of that new root lifter powder which does wonders for my floppy flat hair.

Gitter done, Kendra!!  (my stylist!) st.A.rted

After dumping my very own domain name along w/my long neglected blog, I’m thinking “Eh, a blog might be a good idea.” w/the idea that I might post about my progress (or digress, whichever the case may be!) with my diabetes and other myriad of health issues.

So…. here.  we.  go!!!



    I’m on the YouTube!

    frankly Friday (but not really) Prepping to attend Master Lab 2016

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