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I’m bAAaack!

Hey guys!  I’m back from my unintentional hiatus.  As I have alluded previously, things around here have been crazy what with the kids moving to Ohio and me being sick and now the hubbs is dealing with some medical stuff.

He had allergy testing a couple weeks ago and lit up like a Christmas tree for a LOT of things.  Mostly foods and environmental.  Several trees and grasses (hay fever), the usual indoor culprits (dust thingies) and a whole list of the oddest foods.  Strangely enough (or not!) most of the foods were things he had eaten recently.  WEIRD!

So, we’ve gone off all these foods.  I’m talking things like wheat (yeah, his celiac tests came back negative, but he’s allergic to wheat and I don’t quite understand that just yet), carrots, grapes, coconut, apples…WHA??  Yeah, weird.  Oh, and turkey!  Pecans, walnuts, sesame seeds… sweet potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes!

Poor guy, he was pretty stunned and dazed.  You’d think after living all these years with a type 1 diabetic, he’d be used to the concept of not being able to eat certain things, but nope.  He seems so baffled.  It’s all I can do not to say, “See?  Welcome to my life!”  heh!  But no, I haven’t done that.  But occasionally I REALLY want to!

On top of finding out about all the allergies, he then had to begin the prep for a double scope.  From the top and the bottom.  Yikes!  So then he had to go off things like rice (which is what most ‘wheat free’ things are made of) and fresh fruit and veggies (seriously?) and nothing purple, red or blue… that was only for 5 days, thank God.  Then on the last day, he had to do liquids only and take that nasty diarrhea stuff then drink like 40-some ounces of clear liquid immediately after.  Egads!!

He did okay but it was a challenge figuring out what he could eat.  During the 5 day thing, we were in Cincy with Corey and Melissa, so that actually helped since Corey has celiac disease and has learned what to avoid for that.  We just basically put Tommy on a celiac diet with the added restrictions from his allergy test and/or his prep diet.  My brain was fried after all that food juggling!  And that’s not counting my own food restrictions like dairy and super-acidic foods that either give me horrible sinus issues or cause my tongue to swell and crack.  (yes, crack…it’s so painful!)  It’s a wonder we can find anything to eat between us! Ha ha ha!

So back to the scopes.. this was the same gastro doctor he went to for scopes before, so we were thrilled to get in with her.  It was probably three years ago when he had his first one done and we hadn’t seen this doctor since.  Anyway, she said there wasn’t any new damage, thank God… no ulcers or any thing like that.  But his stomach was a raw, irritated mess.  She said the same thing about this irritation, which he also had on his first scan years ago…get off the NSAIDs.  He’s been on those off and on (mostly on) for ages because of the pain in his back and legs, specifically his Achilles tendon.  It tightens up so much, it had tears the last time he saw a rheumatologist.  He went off the NSAIDs then, but ended up in misery so the GP he had at the time put him on a “new” pain med that he said wouldn’t bother his stomach.  Yeah, whatever.  And so now, he’s been having pain under his ribs on the right side, classic gallbladder/stones symptoms, so he’d had an ultrasound the week before.  We hadn’t heard those results though and they hadn’t forwarded them to the gastro doc, so we had to wait around to get those.  The report from the imaging center only said the tech saw nothing that “needs immediate attention” but the gastro doc wasn’t good with that and told us she’d look at it herself.  The next day, they called Tommy to schedule a hida scan.

Hmmm… me thinks there WAS something needing attention on the ultrasound.  A hida scan is when they put that radioactive dye in an IV and then have you hang around for scans over a few hours to watch the dye move through the gallbladder.  Nice.

I’ve had radioactive dye stuff done before.  It’s scary to think about, but apparently I survived without issue (that we know of, at least!) but we don’t want to do that if we don’t have to.  Besides, we’ve already knocked this year’s deductible in the head with these tests and don’t want to add more bills to the heap.  I’m sure the hida will be uber expensive.

ANYway, so Tommy started looking up stuff on the gallbladder online, which was surprising and exciting.  He usually is all, “Well if the doctor says I need to, I won’t question it.” while I’m all like, “NO!  Don’t do that, I don’t care what the doctor said!”  Heh.  And I joined him in the research til we found all this info on a gallbladder flush.

Maybe you’ve heard of this before.  I guess I sort-of had during my time working in the health food store, but being the youngster I was, I didn’t really ponder it.  Back then, with my fully functional 20-something body, it all sounded gross and like something only old people needed to think about.

Well, guess what, Poopsie!  You’re OLD now!  sigh

We looked at several sites and watched a bunch of videos detailing what the gallbladder does and what the flush does for you.  One doctor said, “If you’re 40 or older, you WILL have some gall stones which may or may not give you symptoms or at the very least, you will have developed sludge (thickened bile) in there which leads to stones.”  Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?


When Tommy realized that the gallbladder helps the liver in filtering toxins and such, he was all like, I NEED my gallbladder!  At this point, we knew that if something showed on the hida, they’d most likely want to take his gallbladder out.  So after months and months of me telling him he needed to change his habits or he was gonna be big as a horse and have a heart attack…he’s ready to commit to changing his diet.

Of course, I have to do it too.  And I get that.  I mean, I don’t stick with a diet unless he’s at least supporting me if not also doing it too.  It’s just easier that way.  He’s just not always willing to be talked into being supportive!

I figure a flush will not hurt me either.  I mean, I am in that magical area they talked about…”over 40″, so I’m sure I have my share of sludgey-crapola in there too.

We made a run to the Aldi in the next town over since they have so much affordable gluten free and organic stuff.  We got organic olive oil and lemons and apple juice.  Yes, even though he tested positive for apple allergy, and he DID have some slight allergic symptoms (looking back, that is) after eating apples like a slight scratchy throat, we figure doing the juice instead of whole apples would be less irritating.  The pectin in the apples is supposed to soften the stones so they come loose or become soft enough to pass out of the gallbladder.

We read anywhere from 5 to 14 days to either eat 5 apples a day (Gah!) or drink 2 cups of apple juice twice a day before doing the actual flush.  Then, you go on a very low- to no-fat diet for a couple days then choose your day to flush.

Obviously, you need to stick close to home/the bathroom for this.  So even though we (he) don’t have time to do a full week with the juice before the hida scan (this coming Thursday!) we’re still going to do it.  After the apple juice days, on flush day, you stop eating at 2 pm then you begin a schedule of drinking an Epsom salt/water mixture at 6 and 8 pm.  They have you lie on your right side after each dose (to allow the mixture to gravitate to the gallbladder).  The Epsom salt helps open up the bile ducts in the gallbladder so the stones and sludge can move out easily.  At 10 pm, after you’ve gone potty (so you don’t have to get up during the night), you drink an olive oil/lemon juice mixture and go to bed.  Again, lying on your right side, as still as possible for at least 40 minutes.  At 6 am, you drink another dose of Epsom, lie back down, then same thing again at 8 am  and then at 10 am, you can eat.  They say very light, bland foods and wait for the “magic” to happen.

By this time, of course, you have effectively given yourself the screaming trots which is the mechanism by which that sludgey-stoney goop is to exit your body.


Oddly enough, none of these instructional sites give any detail about how long or how um…er.. intense this phase of the flush is, but I’m guessing it’s gotta be pretty daggone epic.

On one site where we found this flush recipe, the guy (an Oriental doctor, I think) asks for photos of your results.  BAHAHA!!  Um, nope.  I don’t think so, pal.  I’ll be doing well if I can find the handle with my eyes closed to flush the toilet, okay?

Oh yeah, in an effort to keep him from being in so much pain from going off NSAIDs, we are using tart cherry juice and tumeric.  I’ve wanted to try the tumeric drink (sometimes called “golden milk”) for awhile after hearing that it’s good for inflammation and helps you sleep.  I could use some-a that.  So we also bought coconut milk (which, for any T1D out there, has NO CARBS!) and organic tumeric.  I made a batch last night and it’s not bad.  I was afraid the coconut milk would be strong, but it’s not.  I don’t really like the taste of coconut which is weird since I use coconut oil for everything!  Anyhow, coconut was a 1 on Tommy’s list of allergies, meaning it was a mild irritant, so we’re going to use it anyway with the hope that getting his gallbladder flushed will relieve these silly allergies!  Anyhow, I thought the golden milk was actually sorta bland, so I think I’ll use a little more cinnamon next time.  I ended up putting apple juice in it last night.  Heh.

So there you have it.  You’re mostly caught up on the doin’s around here.  Hopefully, this ol’ gal will start feeling better soon.  I’ll let you know AFTER I’ve recovered from this flush.


title goes here

Folks, I am just at a loss.  I couldn’t come up with a catchy title because well, it’s just the same-‘ol-same.

Yep, still sick.  Yep, still no real answers.  Yep, doctors still seem puzzled as to why I am not getting better.

So my plan is to just sorta document what’s going on, what meds they have me taking now and the results of my allergy test yesterday.  I did something similar HERE last year and it has been helpful to look back and see what happened, how it was treated/how it progressed and what time of year it was.

I didn’t even make it to my endo appointment because I was at the allergist’s for so long!  (going back to try that again on Tuesday)  They only did environmental testing yesterday because the doc was afraid to do more with me coughing the way I was.  Yeah, the coughing is back after just 4-5 days’ relief from that.  I’m not sure if it is because I was out so much on Monday, traveling with Tommy to pick up truck parts or that I got so tired from being out all day… but it’s back.

As far as my meds, I’m not on too much that’s new.  Still taking these, and have been since that post above, from November of last year…




I got a couple of these nebulizer mouthpieces that I like much better than the open ones I’ve always had.  It doesn’t allow tons of the medicine to escape and the actual mouthpiece is much more comfortable.

  Of course, they always want to give me these flippin’ Tessalon pearls for coughing and they never do a thing for me, so I have a basically full bottle of them.  Argh!

At least now my doc understands that these don’t work for me.  I don’t think she’ll insist that I try them again.  They are honestly like taking nothing at all.  She gave me this instead, and it doesn’t do a whole lot if I’m already to the point of coughing so bad I can’t breathe.
Besides the fact that if you happen to take it a tad more often than prescribed, the insurance companies will REFUSE to refill it for you (because it contains Codeine) and so, you will then have to resort to liquor to quiet your coughing.  Nice job, Insurance peeps… turn folks into alkies, whydoncha?  Ugh!

The allergist now has me on two steroid inhalers:





As for antibiotics, yep, I’m on the third one of those… we started with my old standby:

  when that seemed to do nothing, they switched me to 





And now, I’m on “the big gun” (that’s what they said!)

Actually, I took the last of it today…  I’m wondering if they’ll want to me to do another course of Levaquin now?  That scares me a little given my history with antibiotics and my experience with Stevens-Johnson syndrome!  Ugh!

Okay, so the allergy testing… like I said, she only did the environmental tests and I lit up pretty good with those.  There were about three that I tested super-high in… Epicoccum, which is a mold fungi.  Yay.  When our house was terribly ill-equipped with the wrong-sized air conditioning unit (thanks, Larkey) we had a constant humidity problem.  The humidity in the house stayed super-high so of course, molds developed in the window sills and other places.  Seriously, this “mistake”, telling us we needed an HVAC system MUCH too big for our house, caused a LOT of problems.  Make sure you are using a very reputable company when getting those things installed or serviced.  We had other problems with this company, too like when the unit stopped working, they sent a guy out who somehow locked the unit in heat mode (in the dead of summer, y’all) and went back to the shop.  Yep, I’m just glad we were home and it didn’t melt the place, start a fire or worse.

ANYway, so yeah, we got a new, suitably-sized unit last year, and all those humidity problems ceased.  (thank you, for REAL, Leo Jones & Son! —we highly recommend LJ!  Ask for David & tell him we sent you!)  The damage had already been done, though.  Our house has been damaged by the mold for all those years (yep, we had this incompatible unit the entire life of the house til then).

I also reacted heavily to dust mites.. yay.  And cocklebur/mugwort…  Huh?  Weedy things, I think.  So I just ordered a ton of bedding… hypo-allergenic mattress cover, pillows & pillow covers.  My next big project I wanna do is to rip all the carpet out of the house, but we have to be able to afford to replace the flooring first.  UGH!  I would be fine with putting tile (the wood-look stuff that’s so popular!) in the bedroom, but Tommy is all “No way!”   He can be such a butt!!  He’s so weird about stuff like that.  He has a certain way set in his mind and no matter how little sense it makes, you can’t convince him otherwise.  DRIVES ME UP A WALL!  What does he want?  Wood.  Why?  He thinks it’s better.  ???  I dunno why.  For one, it’s tons more messy with the sawdust factor.  Secondly, HELLO!  I’m allergic to some trees.  And he wants to put dead ones all over the floor??  What?!?!?  I also assume wood would be more expensive, but I dunno for sure.

I am so ready to stop feeling crap-u-licious, you guys!

Oh, and while I was looking up all these graphics, I found this little jewel:

Just FYI…this is completely not true.  I tried it several times.  Maybe it’s because I was coughing so violently, so much that it couldn’t work?  I don’t know.  However, I DO know that this just does NOT work.  “Immediately”??  Um, nope.  It may have helped soothe it eventually, but stopping it?  Not at all.


Alrighty, well that’s my report for now.  Hopefully, I will soon have some improvements to tell you about.  Lord, I surely hope so.  I am so tired of being so stinkin’ sick.



more doctor stuff…

So, after THIS yesterday, it was confirmed via the cardio himself that it’s not likely to be my heart that is at fault in all this coughing/hacking/allergy-ish crud.

He agreed it was probably a good idea to go ahead with the stress test and echo my GP had ordered, but that he didn’t think there was any heart issue causing the problems I’m having now.  So they went ahead and set all that up for first thing tomorrow morning here in town.

I am still coughing and hacking up junk occasionally.  My GP switched me to a different antibiotic, gave me another steroid shot and a script for a long course of oral steroids.

She told me to hold off on the oral steroids until she could see if there was an opening at the allergist for me in Lexington.  She said I could get in a lot quicker up there than waiting for an appointment here.

So this morning, I got a text telling me I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the allergist in Lexington.  Great.  I have no clue how long those tests will take or if I’ll feel like driving myself to Lexington afterward.

I talked to the receptionist at the GP’s and she told me no, I wouldn’t have time to make the Lexington appointment after the stress and echo at the cardiologist, so to I told her I’d rather keep the allergist’s appointment.  Makes the most sense to me.

I’ve never been to the office in Lexington and don’t know where it is, so I had to call up there and get the address.  Well, that was after the kinda goofy gal tried to explain to me how to get there.  Egads!  I would much rather have an address I can pop into the GPS, thanks!

So I’m pretty sure I can get there okay.  Tommy’s so busy with work anymore, besides all the crap stuff he has on his plate at home fixing other people’s stuff, he can’t go with me anywhere anymore.

Seriously, we hardly have any time together these days that we aren’t both wiped completely out.  It really sucks and I’m fighting really hard to keep from being really down about it.  Ugh!

Anyway, I rescheduled my cardio tests for Tuesday.

I’m not doing much of anything today.  The coughing is intermittent, which is better than constant, but my head is so stopped up and I can’t seem to get any relief from that at all.

In other news, while I was at my GP appointment yesterday, Tommy called to tell me he’d been attacked by yellow jackets on the job.

Gah!  He came home one day last week with one single sting inside his upper arm that looked nasty!  It had puffed up and was spread out as big as his hand!  I gave him some Benedryl and made him sit in his recliner.  It didn’t’ take long for him to fall asleep, something else he has needed really bad.

Yesterday, though, he had about 15 stings.  He was asking me where the Benedryl was and I told him he needed to get his butt to the ER.  He flatly refused and asked if I thought my doc would give him a shot.

Really?  Sheesh… I told him I’d ask, but I doubted it since he wasn’t a patient there.  Of course, I was right.  I told him to take the Benedryl with him, drive straight to his doctor’s office and get himself taken care of.

All this conversation was going on while I was getting my own steroids administered to the butt.  Sheesh…

In a few minutes, he called back saying they had told him to get to the ER.  (why doesn’t he ever learn to listen to me??) but he was still fussing and making noise as if he wasn’t going to go.  I told him, Look jack, I’m sick, I’m at the doctor’s office myself, I already had my shot in the butt, the least you can do is go get yours before something bad happens and you stress me out EVEN MORE than I already am, okay?

That seemed to shut him up with the excuses, but I still wasn’t sure he was going to do what I told him.

In the meantime, however, I had my own doc in the room and needed to talk to her.  She switched my antibiotics to the first one she started to give me last week.  It’s basically the same thing I had been taking, only a tad stronger.  Remember, I have major issues with several antibiotics, so I have to be really careful what I take.  But it was pretty clear the Keflex wasn’t doing anything.

The main thing with the Omnicef last time was it didn’t seem to work either, however, that was with an ear infection, so we decided to try it again anyway.

I finally got done in the GP’s and headed up the street to the cardiologist, where I was almost late already.  I texted Tommy to make sure he had gone on to the hospital.  He said he was in a room already since they had taken him back ASAP.

So I went in and registered.  It didn’t take too long for them to call me back.  The nurse did an EKG first thing and then left me to wait for the doctor.  He wasn’t long either, and asked me a bunch of questions.  Mostly he seemed confused about why I was there.  I told him I didn’t believe my heart was to blame for the coughing either, but that my GP wanted to be sure there wasn’t something going on since I have type 1 and he agreed it would be a good idea to do the tests.

After I got out of there, I called Tommy again. He was waiting for them to give him a shot.  He wanted me to go eat lunch with him.  I needed lunch since it was about 1 o’clock by now and my sugar was in the 60’s already.

I sat in the parking lot and ate a few Lifesavers before heading across town to Cheddar’s where Tommy wanted to meet.

By the time I got over there, he still hadn’t got his shot yet, and I didn’t want to sit in the restaurant feeling like crap, so I leaned my seat back and rested while he was getting that stuff done.

We didn’t piddle around eating and then headed home.  Tommy stopped by the pharmacy to pick up our collective meds.  Mom came by just after Tommy got here.  She was checking to see what had happened at the doctors.

Tommy and I had planned to make a run to the grocery store since we are out of a ton of stuff, but we were both exhausted, so I proposed a power nap and then go to get groceries.  It didn’t take twice to convince him, so I was almost asleep before my head hit the pillow.  He apparently didn’t sleep much.  Maybe his shot kept him awake.  He’s more sensitive to stuff like that than I am.  There’s not a whole lot that can keep me from sleeping.

We got our groceries and picked up a pizza on the way back home.  Definitely not the best option since I had a steroid shot running through me again, jacking my sugars up.  But it was what Tommy wanted and I couldn’t think of anything else.  I emptied the rest of my reservoir on supper, though.  sigh

So today, I get a text telling me I have an afternoon appointment with the allergist in Lexington.  I called to see if it was going to be possible for me to make it up there after the echo and stress test that  morning.  They said no, so i asked them to reschedule the tests because I am PRAYING that seeing the allergist will be more helpful than anything else.

I’m still hacking but not constantly.  The congestion is a bit worse, but more tight than loose.  I’m so beyond ready to be over this.  I feel like I have fallen off the world, ya know?  It feels like I am stuck here, trying to …well, most of the time it feels like I’m just trying not to die, and the rest of the world just goes on without me.  Ugh!  I just don’t know why none of these meds are helping.  If this is really all just allergies?  I mean, the ONLY “new” meds I’ve been given since getting so sick are the steroids and antibiotics.  All the allergy medicines I was ALREADY taking on a daily basis.

I just pray that we can get some answers soon.  I really need to stop being so sick.  I mean, I am REALLY done with this stuff!

crap sammich

That’s where I’ve been living for almost a month now.  Now, I don’t normally use the “other” word…$h!+.  So don’t go thinking I toned this phrase down for posting on my blog.  I assure you, I didn’t….but that’s about all I can think of when I ponder how my life’s been these past few weeks.  Just a big ol’ crap sammich!

They are telling me it’s allergies, but I’ve never had allergies treat me so bad in my life!  I mean, this started out like just a case of the sniffles.  Seriously!  Nothing major, just a bit of drainage…not even a sore throat, and then that cough started.

I guess I’ll never post any such declaration as> THIS <again!  You betcha!  I mean, the very title is just asking for a big ol’ dose of Murphy’s law or karma or whatever you wanna call it.

I don’t actually believe in those things, but if I was trying to decide whether to believe or not, these weeks since that post would make a believer out of me!  And God knows, I wasn’t bragging!  I was just trying to share my joy!  Honestly!  sigh

So here I am now, for whatever reason God has, with this nasty bronchial/sinus infection now.  After going to see a doctor I didn’t know, (because I couldn’t get in touch with mine due to a cruddy phone system) y’know, to get in front of this thing, and getting NOTHING done other than confirming no infection (and I am sure I didn’t have one at the time) I have ended up Friday having a Decadron shot, a round of antibiotics, doubling up on the guaifenesin, adding a steroid inhaler plus nebulizer treatments, making sure I take the nasal spray steroid (that I’m so bad about missing!) and now another 3 days of oral steroid just because my cough was still bad when my doc called me Monday.

In case you are a non-D person and don’t know, anytime a person with diabetes has to take a steroid, it sends their blood sugars soaring.  That’s just the nature of the beast, which is why some doctors are so hesitant to give them to a PWD.

I assured my doc I could adjust the basal rates on my insulin pump to handle the rise in blood sugars, but man, I had forgotten just how hard it is to manage my sugars while on steroids.  Egads!  Having high sugars makes you feel like poo all by itself, so it’s like a crap sammich with a side of poo, y’know!?!

Today has probably been the least fatigued I’ve felt since this whole thing started.  I’m not sure if that’s because my mom and my aunt came down to help with the house this morning or not.

I really, REALLY didn’t want them to come.   I mean, Lord knows I need the help around here but do you have any idea what the home of a depressed person with diabetes who has been sick for weeks actually looks like??  It is NOT pretty, folks.  And my mom is a perfectionist housekeeper.  We have had some doozies about my inability to keep my house up to her standards over the years.  But bless her heart, she didn’t fuss too much and I know good and well she wanted to.  I guess maybe she’s figured out I have been really, really sick.  Maybe it’s sinking in that dealing with depression on top of diabetes is a big load to bear and doesn’t lend itself to being an organized, always-on-top-of-it person who keeps their house spotless.  Especially not one of those who also has some hoarding tendencies.  Heaven help!

So yeah, I might be a tad better today.  I sure hope these steroids will move this cough on out, though.  I have one day left of those.  My doc wants to send me for a cardio workup just to make sure none of this coughing is due to a heart issue though.  I really don’t think it is.  The only time I have any sort of lung issue is if I :

  1. get tickled or
  2. get choked or
  3. get something like this

Then I’ll end up hacking my lungs out, sounding like a long-time smoker (no joke!) and needing a rescue inhaler.  I think the main reason Doc is sending me for cardio tests is that I had a nasty coughing fit in her office.  You could hear me barking all over the office.  They were bringing me cups of water and Doc wouldn’t let me leave til I had taken the sample steroid inhaler and then a nebulizer treatment.  It was awful and I was sure glad it wasn’t far to my house, but then I had to stop at the pharmacy, which was on the way.  Only, they didn’t have the one item I really needed right then…the cough syrup…so I had to drive back across town to get that at another location.  sigh  Ain’t that always the way, though?

Anyhows, so that’s where I stand with this lastest issue of Creeping Crud Magazine.  Ugh.  I am so ready to be done with this.  I realized though, thanks to Facebook and Timehop, that I’m always sick, getting sick or getting over being sick at this time of year.  If it IS allergies, then perhaps if I set a reminder on my calendar for the end of August to start being super-diligent with my allergy treatments, up the vitamin C, etc. if maybe, just maybe that would help?  What do you think?  Is that crazy?  I know if I don’t do that though, I’ll forget it completely.  Do any of you do things like that??…set reminders for yearly things besides birthdays and anniversaries??

So how are you guys doing with allergies?  I take allergy meds year round and have done so for decades.  Used to, this seasonal stuff really didn’t bother me but now, oh boy.  It sure jacks me up!

Hope you are all well and free of Creep-o Crud!

wouldn’t you know it? I’m getting sick!

I tell ya, sometimes I wanna just scream!  After my big post about how much better I’m feeling with my neck & shoulder pain (read here) I started with a little tickle-y cough a couple days ago.  By last night, it had turned into a constant throat-clearing in an attempt to move the glue off my tonsils.  Yeah, nice, huh?  There’s a big wad of thick gunk that just sits right at the back of my throat but it won’t move up or down.  Such a pain!

Maybe you saw my Instagram photo of me and Tommy heading out last night for a last-minute, spontaneous date night.  It would have been awesome except for that daggone mucus train trying to drive through my head.  By the time I finished my chicken tender salad with 1000 Island dressing, my mouth was in shreds and throbbing (that’s my super-tender, allergy-prone mouth for ya…between the rough texture of that super-crispy chicken, something a little spicy in its batter and the tartness of the dressing, I couldn’t quite finish for the pain in my mouth.  ARGH!) and the bit of heat from the chicken had started my sinuses running.  I ended up walking out of there trying to blow my nose while holding an ice cube in my mouth to ease that pain.

I know.  I sound like a really high-maintenance chick, don’t I?  I promise, I’m not really, but when this kind of thing starts happening, I’m a mess and at a complete loss to control it. We did stay until the end of the meal.  Tommy had his plate clean as a whistle while I was still struggling to eat what I could before my mouth was just too painful to eat anymore.

This morning, the roof of my mouth has the remnants of all the tiny scratches made by the crunchy chicken and I’ve been scraping the resulting buildup of skin off as much as I can.  (sorry, TMI?  well, this is a common occurrence for me)

I didn’t sleep worth a flip last night for the cough, which hasn’t gotten completely out of control the way my coughs usually do, thank God, but the throat gunk was just miserable.  I probably should have tried gargling but knew it would sting the heck out of my cut-up mouth, so I didn’t.  I took all my night-time allergy meds (generic Rx Mucinex DM along with 12-Hour Sudafed twice a day) plus a couple Benedryl thinking that might help me sleep and soothe the whole mess, but nope.

sigh  Yeah, I’m so over this stuff!  And while I am feeling a tad better after using the Netti Pot this morning and noticing that my ears are popping and cracking like mad, I can still feel the “whatever it is” trying to get me.  I’m getting back on my Emergen-C 1,000 mg Vitamin C Drink Mix to boost my immune system a bit.

Right…just when I was starting to feel so much better!  Gah!
When this kinda thing happens, it always makes me wonder what God’s up to and why the devil is trying so hard to whoop me or keep me from being up for it.  Oh, don’t you worry.  He won’t hold me down.  I know God can bring about whatever He plans in spite of the wicked’s best efforts, so I’m hanging in there.

I just wondered, though, does that kind of thing happen to you?  Do you wonder the same way I do?  What’s God been prepping you for and why is there such an effort to keep you from doing or realizing it?  Or do you just get super-pessimistic and bitter?  I hope it’s the former because I firmly believe there is a purpose in everything.  God can use the worst of situations to bring about something glorious if we will let Him.

How do you deal with these kinds of setbacks in your life?



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mega X meds

Oh my goodness!  I came back from the recheck at my doc with a buttload of new or changed prescriptions and OTC meds.

Normally, I wouldn’t be very pleased about being prescribed a ton of meds for something, but Read More »

sick again, naturally

Sorry. That old song “Alone Again Naturally” came to mind when I started writing. Maybe that’s not the name of it, but the chorus says that. And that’s how I feel.
Sick and tired
You know those memory apps that show what you posted or took photos of however many years ago? I have been seeing them for a good week talking about being really sick. Like, year after year, I am sick this time of year.

Why does it always seem like I’m surprised by it? I just don’t get that. Apparently I’m a lot more forgetful than I realize. Heh.

So yep, I’m sick again. I’ve been doing the hacking sporadic coughing fits thing for over a month. I got this new doctor as I mentioned and she’s really intent on getting me into better health. Bless her heart, I don’t think she knows what’s she’s getting herself into, but more power to her, I say! At least she is willing to try. She’s got me set up to see an allergist in a few days and that meant going off my allergy meds.

I don’t think that’s where my problem started at all. It sure didn’t help things though. And that’s kinda weird too because obviously the meds weren’t doing all they should have, so why am I so much worse now?

Who knows? I seldom stick to the medical books.

I was supposed to go to the dentist this morning to get one of the three trouble-makers fixed, but I was coughing so bad there was no way. I didn’t sleep much and I have a pounding headache that’s constant now instead of just when I cough. Feels like my skull’s gonna pop open.

I really can’t imagine that I’ll hear anything much different from this doctor. I mean, I’ve been to an allergist before a few years ago. They confirmed I have asthma and was allergic to some random things that I don’t really have that much contact with and put me on allergy shots.

I finished out those and saw no change in symptoms. I am just really hoping this guy doesn’t suggest that again. For one, I detest driving to get those stupid shots, then sitting in the sick room (waiting room) until the time’s up.

For two, I am REALLY not interested in doing it when they don’t “fix” me, ya know?
too awesome for sick
My concern today is that I’m setting up a chest infection. If that’s the case, I don’t think I can wait for another three days. I’ve called my new doc, first thing this morning actually. I haven’t heard anything yet. Strike one, I guess.

*sigh* I had high hopes for this one. I’m not counting her out yet, but she really needs to get in touch with me.

UPDATE: I finally heard from the doctor’s office. As I feared, there’s really nothing to be done since nothing is yellow or green, thus probably no infection. I was advised to just hang in with the saline and use steam and then call if anything DOES turn color. I’m just trying to be thankful that there IS no infection, but when I get to that allergist dude better break out the steroids once those tests are over. Chick is dyin’ here!