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the countdown is on!

I just spotted this on Facebook and it’s got me all like AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

countdown:  19 days to Master Lab 2016


So yeah, I said I was less nervous about this whole thing and that’s true.  However, I didn’t say how long that lessened nervousness would last now, did I?

Ha ha ha… hopefully it will not get too intense, but I’m sure in the days before take off, I’ll get the butterflies back.

I have pretty much everything I’m going to take with me, so no more searching for this or that thing.  I’m beginning to get into list-making mode.  Hopefully, I won’t lose EVERY list I make between now and then.  Yes, I’m one of those people.  I love lists and find them very helpful, but I am also a list-loser.  I can’t tell you how many times I find myself sitting in the grocery store parking lot either digging frantically in my bag, wondering where in the world that list go to “I KNOW I put it in my purse!” or with that stomach-dropping realization “Crap!  That list is sitting on the island in the kitchen!”  And no, I don’t do well with app lists or list apps or… you know, lists on my phone.

I’m not sure why, but I can’t quite feel it’s a “real” list if I can’t mark through items with a pen, ya know?  So yeah…I think I’ll use a notebook for my packing lists.  Maybe that way at least they won’t get lost in the shuffle around here so easily.

I’m trying not to overthink things too much.  Like, I am really wondering how much free time there will be.  Why?  Well, 1: because I don’t want to get bored!  and 2: if there will be a good amount of free time, I’d like to be able to prepare in some way to fill that time.  The best I can tell, there’s not a whole lot of sight-see-y things within walking distance of the hotel, but then again, how can I be sure?  I was hoping to find that out, but no such luck online.  I searched “free things to do within walking distance of ‘our hotel'” but came up with stuff up to 10 miles away.  C’MON!  I mean, sure, if I had all day, I could walk 10 miles to see something great, but um, in July Florida weather with probably only minutes (not hours) to kill?  Um, no.

So maybe we will just wander around the grounds…  I just want to make the most of the time I’m there.  (see what I mean about overthinking?  I am SO good at it!)

My roomie Ally and I have been tossing around ideas without much luck.  I am so looking forward to meeting her.  There’s also another couple of fellas I’ve “met” online who will be at Master Lab as well and want to look up for a face-to-face.

I haven’t had time to think about how likely I am to feel out of my element anymore.  I’m sure I’ll have time for that on the plane?  Bahaha!  I start thinking,

“Listen, Geannie, who do you think you are going to some conference with a bunch of leaders and full-on advocates with degrees and professional credentials and such?  You are going to look like such a hick!  Your blog is so piddly and gets so few readers and visits, you’re going to get laughed out of that place!…etc., etc.”

I start thinking about my big plans for this lucrative blog that would be of interest to so many people and then I look at my stats and think, “What a foolish idea!”   

Ahhh…but then I realize who it is feeding me this negativity and I realize my “new blog” isn’t even six months old yet.  I realize not everyone at this thing in Orlando will be the “big wig” I think they are or at least, won’t behave like one perhaps.  I realize that this is more about networking and socializing, about making new connections and paving new avenues in the diabetes-support world, about ways to make things better for diabetics with better support, better laws, better treatment and education.   And I still feel deep inside that urge to share my life, my stories and thoughts in an effort to encourage others, to help people feel less alone, more understood and I know in my heart this whole blog thing was something I was meant to do.  I may not have found the perfect way to do it yet, but doing it is non-negotiable.  I NEED to be doing this!

countdown to ML2016 is on!

Lord willing “and the creek don’t rise”, I will be able to do more videos soon.  Seems like I can never get them done when I want or the way I want… I’m still such a noob at it!  And I also want Tommy to be in the first few and getting him to sit still without falling asleep these days is about impossible.  (let’s not get me started on how beyond ready I am for these other-people projects to be DONE! and for him to stop feeling so pressured to kill himself and get things done for everyone else…let’s don’t even go there right now…ARGH!  and let’s be clear… HE doesn’t necessarily feel that way, but I do because I know how he is about that kinda thing…always feels so pressed to complete stuff for others, whether it’s a paid job or not…sigh)

So…ANYway..here we go!  Countdown time!  I still haven’t called TSA Cares, so that’s next thing on my list to do next week.  I have a hair appointment Wednesday so I can hopefully get my mop under control with time enough to grow out of the “new haircut” stage.  Hopefully, I can work in at least a pedicure before d-day.  A manicure too would be super-nice, but we’ll see.  Max will also need a trip to the groomer before I leave…he’s getting a little shaggy already and I don’t want to come back to a ratty mess-of-a-pooch!  Silly Max

Heaven knows Tommy isn’t likely to bathe him while I’m gone.  I’m sure he’ll be in the shop, working himself to death while I’m not here to shake my finger at him and tell him he needs his rest!

Now, I’m heading back outside to pull weeds from the landscaping for awhile.  Get my mind off this stuff and soak in a little sunshine.

Wishing you all a blessed weekend and a beautiful Lord’s day tomorrow!




of being a blogger: a plea for help!

Hey y’all.  I’m working so hard, trying to increase traffic here…build an audience, a subscription list, whatever else a successful blogger does.  Most of the time, I feel like I’m just flopping around, splashing water into the floor, making a mess.

blogging sites

I see some steadiness in the amount of traffic, so I suspect some of you are just awesomely loyal readers and probably close friends who stop by often to see what crazy thing I’ve posted.  I am so thankful for you!

I know I’ve said it before, but this blogging thing is a big deal to me.  I started it after months and months of stewing and praying about whether I should even try.  I’ve blogged off and on for about 16 years, so it seemed like the natural thing for me to do…try to monetize the thing I am so passionate about.  I felt (and still feel, btw) that God was really nudging me in this direction and so, even though I didn’t feel completely ready, I took the plunge.  I plopped down what little was left from our tax refund and started this site.

Looking back, a month later now, I see many mistakes.  I think most of them are easily overcome though and not the kind that will break me or the blog.  I still don’t understand stupid AdSense or why my husband can get an account with them like snap that and me, with my two (now three!) google accounts, can’t get any of them approved.  I’m not sure I’m missing much though.  I’m learning that AdSense isn’t the end-all-be-all it has been purported to be, so I have pursued other means of generating income through my blog.

blogging for a living

Some of them I am pleased about, and some I will be glad when I can be done with.  And no, for the record, I haven’t made a single cent so far.  That really concerns me, but I have to remind myself how new it all is.  I can’t do it all at once and I need to be patient.

But BOY, is that hard!!

Today, when I went to look at a “blogging schedule” thingie I got from the web, for today it says to post about relaxing.   BAHAHAHA!!  What is that even?!?  I don’t have time right now to relax, and certainly not about the state of my blog.  Some of these ‘blog helps’ aren’t really geared toward me, ya know?  Many of the blogs in these groups are about how to create a successful website, how to find a niche to build, how to monetize and market whatever you are selling.

I just wanna share life with my readers.  I want to encourage and inspire.  I want my readers to leave feeling better than they did when they pulled up my site.  I want them to find the courage to go on, the determination to stick it out.  The comfort of knowing they are not alone, the peace of knowing someone else out here has been where they are.  I want the person with t1d to find a friend, someone to commiserate with and rejoice in whatever victories we accomplish as PWD’s.  (persons with diabetes)

diabetes and depression

I want the homeschooling mom to know she can do it and I know she can because I did it.  I want her to know that the great mistake she feels she’s made is not the end. That she and her children are far better off just because she tried to teach them at home, whether she continues or not.  And no matter what, as long as she is trying to do her very best for her kids, she is a winner!


I want that couple who is struggling with some sexual incompatibility or physical problem to know they are not alone.  I want them to realize it’s okay to talk about it and that there are people out here who can help, both professionals and people like me who have been there, done that.  I want that woman to know she’s not the first or only one to be facing what she is, and that she need not bury herself in depression and self-hatred or guilt because there is hope.  I want to keep her and her husband from living the hell that we did for 30 years and to find healing and hope!

lasting marriage statisticslasting marriage statistics

More than all this, I want people to know there is hope, no matter what the situation is, there is hope.  There is peace to be had, no matter how big the mess or how damaged their soul, Peace is there for the asking in the person of Jesus Christ.  I want them to know that it is because of Jesus that I am alive today.  That I’m able to share and talk about the issues, struggles and problems in my life.  Ultimately, I believe this is the reason God has been urging me to write.

jesus loves me

I haven’t touched my book in over 6 months, but perhaps soon I’ll dig back into it.  I still feel He is calling me to write it, but I’m at another crossroad about which direction to take with it.  (ANY feedback would be appreciated on this, folks!!)  The book has lived in my head for many years as a sort-of memoir, a story of my life and how I have dealt with diabetes, the depression and all the other physical and emotional side effects of having a chronic disease for so long.  However, as we have come to this place of healing in our marriage, I feel THAT is also a topic that needs to be shared.  It, of course, is much more personal, deeply painful but ultimately hopeful since our long journey through this has ended with our beginning the healing process.  My conundrum is should these be separate or combined?

how to write a book

You probably didn’t know this, but I have a problem with compartmentalizing.  ha ha! Meaning, I can’t do it.  You may have noticed I began this post talking about the blog and now, here I am asking for input and suggestions for a direction of a book!  I need help with my wandering mind, my rambling style of writing.

I know there are some writers out there who read here occasionally.  I also know there are lots of readers who come here too.  I want to hear from you!    What appeals to you in a book?  What topics are you most interested in?  What are you most interested in learning more about?  Help me out!

I look forward to a great discussion and some awesome feedback and suggestions!  Let’s help each other!



I wanna rock your world…

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