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frankly friday: Dex & me – how my CGM & I are getting on

Didn’t you just know I was gonna talk about the Dex today?  Ha!  No?  Then you’re not paying attention!  Bahaha!

So, if you were around here yesterday, you saw that I got my new CGM delivered!  How exciting!  Then, as I’m opening the boxes, the realization hit that, DANG!  I’m gonna hafta read a lot to figure this thing out!

Boo.  Honestly, I felt really overwhelmed when I realized this was so different from the Enlite CGM that I’d had for a short time previously.  So I called the hubby because, well, I couldn’t figure out how to use the stupid credit-card-looking SD card thingie and he was like, “NO!  STOP!  Don’t do ANY of that without me!”  The man was adamant.  And I guess that was a good thing, it took the both of us to figure out the instructions.

Not that they were horrible, but there are a few things that could have been made a bit clearer, like what that tab thing on the sensor inserter was actually for.  I guess maybe integrating the instructions would have been a better thing to do.  There are apps for the Dex you can get for iPhone (& soon or maybe already? Android too) so I had started one of those, but stopped when it got to the actual insertion of the sensor because I wasn’t there yet and didn’t want to get ahead of myself.  I thought the next step in the app was going to be how to set the app up to pair with the transmitter or something.  I didn’t realize it was going to be a very helpful video on actually inserting that sensor!  SHEESH!

We were sitting there scratching our heads, looking at the printed instructions which don’t even label the parts for you but then mention them in the steps.  Argh.

ANYhow, we finally got it in and the transmitter attached (-Which was actually the hardest part of the whole thing for me… I didn’t know it was going to take that much force to make it attach!  Totally unlike the Enlite which just snapped on, so it was an adjustment for me!)

Okay, so the next bump we ran into was that the receiver didn’t seem to be working.  When I pressed the menu button, it would just do a brief vibration, but no activity on the screen at all, no sound, no nothin’!

blank Dexcom receiver

See There’s my excited little face, waiting for any signs of life from the (ugly) pink receiver, but nothing! *sadness*

At first, I thought maybe it would start working once the transmitter was activated, so we finished up that whole process but still, the receiver seemed defective.  According to the instructional video, there should have been a battery icon when we plugged it into the charger, but nope.  So we called Dexcom for help and answers.  I was trying hard not to get really disappointed so when we got a fella that was a little hard to understand, and he ended up telling me to just let it charge for the 3 hours to see if that was the issue, I wasn’t very happy.  It wasn’t that he had a horrible accent, but his voice was extremely soft and he didn’t articulate very well, so on top of his Spanish accent, it was hard for me to get everything he was saying without asking him to repeat.  Sheesh.  He also had me take a paperclip and poke that mysterious reset button, but nothing happened with that, either.

He said to call back if it wasn’t working after the three hours.  So…

I went out to pick beans!

bucket of green beans

WOW! Beans, beans, everywhere: BEANS!

We haven’t spent a lot of time in the garden lately.  My sister’s been up here rooting around out there.  We had to inform her if she kept pulling the onions by the tops (instead of loosening the dirt around them first…she was just pulling the tops off!) that we would ban her.  Ha…and then that it was much more prudent to actually gravel for new potatoes instead of just yanking the whole plant up, taking the few small potatoes dangling from the roots and tossing said plant aside.  SIGH  Okay, so all that aside, she told me there were beans out there a couple days ago.  I thought, “Sheesh, she must be picking tiny, immature beans!”  which was fine if that’s what she wanted since we have a whole eight flippin’ rows of them!  Ha ha!  But when Tommy went out yesterday to instruct about how to get new potatoes without killing the entire plant, he saw for himself that there were actually TONS of mature, ready-to-pick beans!!  ACK!

So even though it was mid-afternoon and really humid, I got out there and picked “our” rows (we planted ours along a fence so they can climb… it was my mom’s idea to put out the other four rows.  I guess she wants to can them because that is WAY too many beans for our family! Ack!)  I got almost done with all four rows when I started getting alarms that my sugar was dropping.

Good job, Dex!  I was determined to get done with that last row so I lingered out there but then Tommy came home and scolded me.  sigh  Yes, I KNOW he was right to make me go ahead and treat the hypo, but I knew if I went in the house I would NOT want to come back out!  heh  The choices a PWD has to make are never-ending!

I called Dexcom back and got a younger fella named Caesar who was extremely helpful.  He had me press and hold that center button for 20 seconds, which apparently did the trick.  For the first time, the screen came on and started asking set-up questions.  And it’s worked like a charm ever since!  YAY!

falling alert on Dexcom

Dex says, “You’re goin’ down, chick.”

Anyhow, so I went on in and started treating my low.  It was in the upper 50’s by the time I went in, so I was treating a little conservatively.  One thing that drives me nuts is a hypo rebound and at the time, I was so hot that I didn’t have that “eat everything in the kitchen” hunger.  But this was a stubborn low.  It continued to drop, so I’d treat with a bit more food.  Then a little more.  By the time Tommy had changed into cooler clothes and hooked up the trailer so he and his dad could go cut some firewood from a tree a friend had down, he was insistent that I get my sugar up so he wasn’t worrying.  sigh  So I may have downed a little too much of my favorite treat:  Bolthouse Vanilla Chai Latte.

When he left, I was exhausted probably both from the low and being in the heat, so I laid down on the couch and waited for recovery.  Dex was showing that my sugar was climbing slowly now, so I was confident I had finally conquered this hypo at last.  I’m not sure when I fell asleep or for how long I slept, but it was getting a little dark when I woke up with a splitting headache.  I was cooled down now and quite stinky from my bean-picking, so I got in the shower.  I noticed my sugar was up to 160-something.  Not too high, but higher than I like.  I bolused a half-unit and got in for my shower.  When I got out, my sugar had risen and I was starting to get the “rising” alerts, meaning my sugar was climbing more than 2 points per minute.  Ugh.

I bolused another half-unit, not wanting to slap myself back into a hypo.  This kept on for the rest of the night.  By the time Tommy had gotten home, eaten supper and we were getting into bed, the Dex showed me at almost 300 and I was now treating with the bolus wizard, which is a little too conservative for me sometimes, but I stuck with what it recommended.

By the time Tommy’s alarm went off, I was back within range, thank God!  This is the funk-a-doopy line I got from yesterday…

graph for first day of Dexcom

A great result for after all that bouncing! 😉

I think Dex and I are going to get along just fine.  I’m thinking the next sensor change will go lots smoother and I’m tickled to see a fairly good line today…See?

the phone app for Dexcom

Look what a nice line I got there! 🙂 And “the perfect” result too? Go, me!! LOL!

This is the phone app for Dexcom… so you can see the difference between this and the graphics on the receiver.  They are very comparable and are staying almost exact with each other too…no variance in the results from one to the other, so YAY!

I gotta git.  I have a ton of beans to break!  Have an awesome weekend, y’all and prepare for lots of prepping posts as I start to get ready to head to MasterLab in ELEVEN DAYS!!  ACK!!!