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I pronounce me ‘better’

I went back for…what’s this?  My third appointment?  Yeah, my THIRD appointment with Dr. Kim.  I already knew I was better.  The past two days I’ve had less pain and more energy than I have in months and months!

It’s amazing!  I am praising the Lord because I was in sad shape.  I didn’t wanna move for the aches all over my body, mostly my neck and shoulders.  When those hurt, there’s not a whole lot you can do without hurting, ya know?

She was almost more excited than I was when I rated my pain for her.  And then when she felt my neck, she got really fired up!

First of all, my atlas had kept the last adjustment, which in and of itself is a miracle.  I never stayed “in” from one appointment to the next with anyone else.  Sometimes with my last chiro, I would get out to the parking lot and feel myself “go out” of alignment and just go back in to be adjusted again.  The swollen knot at the base of my neck that’s been there for years is almost gone, I have lots more range of motion in my neck.

It is just amazing!  I am SO thankful God put Dr. Kim in my path because I was a pitiful mess and just getting worse as the days went by.  I know I’m better because I’ve had the energy and presence of mind to start working on this house and folks, I haven’t had the gumption to do any of that in a long time.  I went through all the paper that had amassed itself on the bar, got it sorted, filed or tossed as needed and actually cleared the kitchen bar/island.  You can’t imagine how much better that makes me feel!  I also got the other main counter in the kitchen cleaned and cleared, even cleaning the stove thoroughly and wiping down all the small appliances.

I’m sure that sounds like nothing to most of you, but for me?  It’s a big ol’ deal.  I’ve been sleeping since I got back just before noon, which is good I guess since I didn’t sleep much last night.  It took me forever to get to sleep (it was a little after 1 am) and then I was up a couple different times.  Once because my Dexcom kept alarming but I was sleeping through it.  Actually, it was my phone alarms (for the Dex) I was sleeping through and the Dex receiver was in the living room, where poor Tommy had fallen sound asleep in the recliner.  So he ended up waking me to drink some juice.  After that, of course, I had to get up and pee.  Sheesh!

Anyhow, I’m trying not to beat myself up for taking such a long nap, but seriously, I probably needed it.  I woke up with a slight low, but now I’m doing good and am thinking I’ll tackle another part of the kitchen and make that my goal…getting it completely cleaned.

Since that’s where we come into the house, it’s hard to keep tidy, but I’ve let it go WAY too long in my feel bads and depression til it overwhelmed me so much I froze.  I’d look at it and want to clean it, but felt I didn’t know where to start.  Sometimes I might even make a tiny stab at cleaning it up, but then I’d get so tired or it would hurt to move so much that I’d just give up.

I got my new TENS/EMS unit, it’s this Ultima Combo TENS/EMS unit,  and am working the snot out of it as I type.  I went to sleep with it on my neck and shoulders in TENS mode.  That’s the nerve stimulation, where it sends pulses of electricity to help alleviate pain in muscles and joints.  This one also has an EMS mode, which is Electrical Muscle Stimulation.  This is what sports types use to help tone their muscles or work out even more the muscles that need it or are hard to tone other ways.  I’ve got this sucker stuck on the flab that has begun to form on my arms.  You know, that part of your granny that keeps waving at people even after she stops moving her hand.  Like some stalker-type person who wants desperately to be your friend but they’re just so creepy, you can’t even!

  • shudder *  Arm flab!!  I just can’t deal with it.  I will wear this thing 24/7 if it’ll keep that off me.  (And yes, it works.  I Googled it before I ordered the unit.  I figure it ought to do more than just keep me from hurting so bad, right?)

That’s pretty much my day so far.  I stopped at the pharmacy on the way home and picked up a couple of Tommy’s scripts and now I’m here working on the blog.

I have another post rolling around in my head.  I may lay that on you a little later or maybe this weekend.  Til then, have a great day and see how many blessings you can count!



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humbled and honored

NOTE:  This post is going to consist of all manner of references to all things Emmaus.  If you have never attended a Walk To Emmaus, you might feel a little lost.  I’m so sorry about that, but my prayer is that you will have the opportunity to go on your own Walk in the very near future.  If you want to learn more about what a Walk To Emmaus is or find your closest Emmaus community, please do a Google search.  You can find tons of info at TheUpperRoom.  A super-abbreviated explanation of what “a Walk” is, just to whet your appetite:  It’s a 72-hour experience designed to strengthen a Christian’s zeal for serving in his or her own church and community.  It’s a time to see and feel the love of Christ in a unique, very dynamic way and really have your “fire stoked” or “rekindled”.  Most people come away from a Walk saying it was one of the best experiences of their lives…..me, included.

Hoo!  I’m back from another Emmaus Walk weekend.  Not that I went on another walk myself (those of you in the Emmaus community know that your first walk, your “pilgrim” walk, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience) but serving on yet another walk.

This time, I served the Prayer Team as coordinator.  What an amazing time I had!

Serving on a Walk is always a great experience.  Sometimes it’s greater than others, but there is always a refreshing to be had in going back to serve a new batch of Emmausites.  I sometimes tell people it’s the craziest thing that we all pay to “volunteer” to work ourselves to the point of exhaustion and come away walking on air, spiritually that is.  🙂

I don’t intend to “give away” any so-called secrets of the Walk, but just have to share how invigorating it can be to spend three days working together with other sisters in Christ for the common goal of bringing other people to the same place.  And don’t let my use of the word “secrets” put you off.  There really are NO secrets (even though there are some people who portray it all as a big secret weekend…which, in my opinion, does a disservice to the community as a whole).  The only “secrets” are just to allow each person to have their own unique experience and not form pre-conceived ideas about the Walk from what others have told them.  Each person comes away with different opinions and revelations or whatever, so if they are told about each thing that happens, it can color their experience.  THAT is the only reason no one sits you down and tells you EVERYthing about a Walk.  AND it’s really  hard to explain.  It’s such a unique and sometimes emotionally-charged experience, it can be all but impossible to explain to someone else.  You have to experience for yourself.  I tell people who are over-anxious about attending a Walk that if they trust the person who wants to sponsor them, then they should just put their faith in Christ and “go with” the experience.  It’s best not to try to anticipate things or figure out what’s going to happen next, but just enjoy and learn from each part of the weekend.  By the time the end of the Walk rolls around, you will wonder why you were so hesitant to just enjoy the process.

Okay, so on the other side of a Walk are all the teams that make it happen.  This could sorta be considered “giving it away” for someone who hasn’t been on a Walk, but I’m gonna do it anyway.  For me, it was fascinating to find out how many, many people had been working behind the scenes on my Walk.  Walks are (or should be!) very organized.  There’s a team who’s sole responsibility it is to cook meals for the entire camp…anywhere from 25-50+ attendees (called Pilgrims) along with at least 60 team members.  There’s an “Agape” team who basically do everything from set-up of any rooms used for the weekend (some require multiple set-ups!) and clean-up, getting anything other teams may have run out of, organizing Walk info for distributing at the end, … just a myriad of things are taken care of by the Agape team.  There is a team who takes care of decorating the dining room for each meal, including arranging the tables into various formations that are later explained and each have a meaning and purpose.  The Dining Room team also serves the meals and takes care of getting extra help if needed to serve meals.

Then there is the Prayer team.  People don’t realize how much prayer goes into an Emmaus Walk until they begin to serve.  There is prayer to choose the Lay Director of each Walk (the person who chooses the themes, the team members, etc. and oversees all aspects of the walk), prayer to choose the dates of the Walks, prayers to choose the speakers who give one of the 15 different talks delivered during a Walk, prayers to choose coordinators for each team and even team members.  Prayer is the key to a great Emmaus Walk.

This was my second time serving as Prayer Team coordinator.  I let the Lay Director (or LD) know she might want to reconsider once she spoke with the LD for the walk when I served as Prayer Team coordinator the first time.  I was nervous and also trying to help some other teams do what they were supposed to do and I forgot a crucial element of one of the main chapel services!!  I was SO mortified when one of the assistants tried to gently inform me of my oversight.  Thankfully the LD of that walk was a good friend who promptly got me on the cell phone and told me to knock it off.   She said everything was fine, that part of the chapel service could be done as soon as I got it set up and to stop crying!  (yes, I was bawling, just devastated that I’d let my friend down, along with all the other people in the chapel)

Later, I was told by several people that it turned out to be one of the best services of any of the Walks they had previously worked.  Isn’t God good?  But that “failure” stuck with me and haunted me (while the enemy whispered what a terrible disappointment I was) so I was a little reluctant to accept that position again.  But accept I did and was soon planning and organizing the prayer team for this latest Walk.

It wasn’t long before I had a team assigned to me.  A larger-than-usual team (for me, at least… I’d never worked on a prayer team with this many members) only to find out that 9 of the 11 team members had never worked on prayer before!!  I was a little nervous about that because most of the noobs were asking questions and feeling nervous about serving!

I tried to answer all their questions, along with questions I’d had the first time I served on a prayer team.  I tried to explain what was expected, what we were ultimately responsible for and then how to fill each of their 3-hour shifts.  I had to arrange teams of 2-3 ladies per 3-hour shift which they served for both a.m. and p.m.  (for instance, the 3-12 shift would serve 3-12 AM as well as 3-12 PM each day)  It’s a good system.

The coordinator is responsible for scheduling, making sure meals are provided for those on prayer shift during meal times, setting up each chapel service as dictated in the manual and then clean-up and return of all prayer room items so they can be found the next time!  Doesn’t sound like a big deal and really, it’s not except when the enemy tries to throw obstacles in your way.

As you might suspect, making sure that one particular service I’d flubbed my first time around was NOT flubbed again was a BIG deal for me.  I was pleased with myself for having it all set up well ahead of time and having had most of the off-duty prayer ladies in there covering the whole chapel with prayers beforehand.  I sat out communion elements without unwrapping the bread or pouring the juice, but leaving them in place so I could run back in a few minute before the pilgrims would arrive and get them ready.

After that, we all worked with the Agape team setting up the next part of the weekend that required our team and that meant walking quite a bit.  I was apparently on the low side already with my blood sugars and so after I’d set up my items, I started back to my truck and noticed my vision doing weird things.  I pulled out my CGM receiver to see I was at 70 with one arrow straight down (which meant I was dropping 1 point every 5 minutes).  I veered off the path to my truck and headed straight for the team dorm where the prayer room is and all my snacks.  By the time I made it there, I was at 60 with two arrows straight down (that means I’m dropping 2-3 points/5 minutes) and I was obviously in trouble.  I grabbed some food, sat down in the prayer room and started eating.  As I slowly recuperated, I realized I didn’t have my phone meaning the alarm I’d set to let me know when to go complete the chapel setup was NOT with me!

One of the dear ladies went to my truck to see if she could find my phone since that’s the last place I recalled having it.  Bless her heart, she looked all in the seat with no luck and then spotted my purse.  She was so hesitant to look through it, but she kept hearing the phone make faint notification noises, so she knew it was in there SOMEwhere!  She finally decided to search my purse…several times, to no avail.  Finally, she raised the center console to find it had slid under there.  By the time she handed the phone to me, I had gotten a few texts from the Agape coordinator saying the pilgrims were coming to chapel early!!  Then I got a text saying the clergy person had unwrapped the bread himself and I literally lost it right there.

In my mind, I pictured him uncovering the bread in front of the entire conference room (which is where most of the Walk takes place and the 15 or so team members spend time with the pilgrims) to find it covered with a noisy plastic bag.

The ladies who were in the prayer room at the time were a little stunned, I guess, to see me cry about that, I guess.  But the feeling of repeating such a huge failure just undid me.  I was so upset that I’d once again let people down.

The sweet, understanding ladies gathered around me, hugging and praying for me as I continued to treat my low blood sugar.  Soon after that, the Agape coordinator came in wondering why I was all upset when the ladies told her, she said, “No, no, NO!  He came up early and unwrapped the bread.  No one else was in there!  It’s all fine!”

Sheesh!  Boy, was that a gigantic relief!  And once again, God is so good to me!

That’s not the only amazing thing that happened.  I’ve had a “bad” neck for about 10 years now.  I think a local chiropractor messed me up when he tweaked my neck because after he did that, I began to have terrible migraines and after getting relief from daily migraines through an orthogonal chiropractor about 5 years ago, I’ve continued to have awful neck and shoulder pain every single day.  In the past couple of months, this had become a lot worse to the point I was having some nasty grinding noises when I moved my head.  So I took my heating pad and a couple of ice-gel packs.

When I went into the prayer room to get one of the ice packs, one of the ladies on shift (who I’d never met before this walk) came up behind my chair, asked what was going on and began to feel my neck and say she could feel insert techincal medical gobbledeegook here.  As I slowly tried to crane my head around to look at her inquisitively, she informed me, “I’m a chiropractor.”  I said, “Hallelujah!  Carry on!”  Seriously, it was a complete God-thing that she was there.  I’d spoken with her on the phone once prior to coming to camp about her schedule, but I had no idea what she did for a living.  She said she could adjust me later if we could find a low table or bench.

After breakfast, she did just that, using a wooden bench on the front porch, she did the most gentle, seemingly minimal adjustments on me and I felt a tiny release in my neck.  She told me to drink lots of water and that I “might get a little sore.”   I was accustomed to this type of advice having been to the other chiro many times (however, I had stopped going to him once it was clear he couldn’t get any results on alleviating the constant pain in my neck)…and I was always drinking water since it was really hot and I jokingly told her I wouldn’t know if I got sore.

Boy, was I wrong!  I got a chance to take a little nap just before lunch since I hadn’t slept much since the Walk started.  I woke up, worrying that it was close to time I needed to go light the candle in the chapel, only to find out I could barely move my neck and a huge area around the worst part of my neck and down my left shoulder was in intense pain.  I was almost in tears when I went into the prayer room to see who I might be able to send to light the candle.  There was no way I could walk up the hill to do it myself at that point.  My chiro lady was in there and I got the sense that she was a little shocked to see me in so much pain.  I hated for her to feel bad about it, but I was just as shocked as she was.  I never EVER expected such slight adjustments to make me so completely miserable!

She massaged my neck a bit, rubbed it down with Biofreeze, told me to get another bottle of water in me and take some ibuprofen, which I gladly did!  I made sure someone was lighting the candle and went back to bed.

The pain was a bit less when I got up the next time.  I was getting really worried about being able to stay at camp if this didn’t stop, but I was able to do what needed to be done for the day and took more ibuprofen and settled in for the night after several of the ladies prayed over me again.

Thank God, when I got up the next morning (I had to make sure the candle was lit before 6:30 a.m.) the pain was much less and I had most of my range of motion back.  I ran into another dear friend who was working in the conference room when I came back from chapel who asked if I was okay.  She’d seen me last night and could tell I was in pain.  When I told her what was going on, she said, “Oh, OH!  I have a TENS unit!” which she promptly pulled out of a bag and handed to me.

Once again, God’s love and mercy toward me is astounding.  That He bothered to have her pack that thing, to have her be right there, right then, and ask me that particular question (because otherwise, I probably would not have mentioned the pain to her) and of course, to have put a chiropractor on the team I was coordinating… I have no doubt all those things were organized just for my benefit.

Without that TENS unit, I would have no doubt had to go home.  I kept it on and running almost the entire day and most of the night as I slept.  The next day,  I tried to wean off it, both because I knew I would eventually have to give it up (ha, ha!) and to see how much it was actually helping me (A LOT!) and I was just sure I was burning the thing up with my constant re-starting after the timer kicked it off.  I ended up wearing it most of the next day too.  And yes, I have one on the way to the house as I type.  Ordered it last night!!

And I have my first official appointment with my friend, the chiro, tomorrow.  She’s in Middlesboro, which is over an hour away, so it’s a good thing she is so dear to me!  LOL!  I’m not sure I’d travel that far for a mediocre chiro appointment.  I’m hoping we get the chance to have lunch together, too.  We’ll see how it goes and how busy she is.  I’m just thankful to have found someone with such a passion for healing, who loves the Lord and who I can trust to do the best for me.

So there you go.  That’s the highlights of last weekend.  Now we are moving on to getting ready for a camping trip that was supposed to have happened at the first of the month but was postponed.  Some of our kiddos are going and some other Emmaus family to camp in Red River Gorge.  I hope to be in better shape by then…sleeping in a tent is much nicer when you’re not already in a lot of pain, amiright?  🙂