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i’m not dead…but sometimes it’s hard to be sure

Pardon the drama up there, but I’m feelin’ pretty raunchy today.  Not sure what’s up really.  I’m achy and my sinuses are not very happy.  I feel like I have been awake for a week straight.  (but I promise you, I haven’t)  I’ve slept almost all day and nope, I didn’t stay up last night.  I was in bed around 11pm which is pretty normal for me.  I slept fairly sound in spite of my Dex alerting that I was “high” for several hours.  Max never got me up, so I probably slept better than on some nights.

I just have no clue why I’m so worn out and feeling so cuh-rappy other than my night of waiting for a high blood sugar to resolve!

The worst of it lasted for about 4 hours last night.  I bolused for and ate a small bowl of cereal (Rice Chex–yay!) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk earlier in the evening.  Later, I crashed, so I ate another yummy bowl.  (seriously, it had been a few years since I’d indulged in cereal!  it’s one of my faves!)  Slowly, my sugar rose to a good level…and just kept going.

going high on CGM

This isn’t mine.  I didn’t snap it because I hate seeing a jagged line.

Don’t you hate it when your sugar is going up and all you can do is watch…and wait for the insulin to kick in?  Ugh!  I didn’t want to crash myself again, so I tried to refrain from rage-bolusing.  keep calm & don't rage-bolusSo it wasn’t until much later that again, I went low.  Not really crashing, but just gradually getting lower until finally. my alert went off that I was below 60.  I’m sure most of that was due to it being the time of morning I am normally dropping lower slowly like that.

I got up and ate some peanut butter crackers and drank a little juice.  I was so worn out though I just fell back into bed.  I had taken my thyroid medicine a few hours earlier when Tommy went to work and I got up to fix his breakfast.  And now, finally I have taken the rest of my meds, but I just feel so YUCKY!

I’ve been taking my thyroid meds with some vitamin C powder.  Why?  I read that it helps with absorption.  I’m not sure yet if it’s worth the 8 carbs I have to bolus for the powder, but we’ll see when I go back to the endo.  It’d be great if I could get on a lower dose of Synthroid for sure!  Right now, I’m taking 175mcg and 200mcg alternately.  Fun.  (not)

The reason my head feels so crappy is possibly because Friday I met Tommy for lunch at Taco Bell where I got my usual Mexican Pizza combo.  I really should have stopped after the pizza since I was feeling pretty full already, but I didn’t want to waste the tacos that came with it and Tommy was telling me I hadn’t eaten enough (like he knows? argh)  So I ate part of the taco, which had sour cream on it.  I stopped eating when I hit the sour cream, or at least I thought I did.   I knew I’d gotten a little of it, but a teeny bit hadn’t been bothering me.

But oh, boy!  Saturday morning I was a wreck!  I had to drag out the netti pot, I was so stopped up.  And we had planned to go with Corey and Mel to this thing in Bowling Green that day.  It was an attempt to break the Guinness World record for most people simultaneously hanging in hammocks.  I know, kinda weird, but it sounded fun and we originally thought the rest of the kids were going, but a couple of them along with Casey and Tay decided to go to King’s Island instead!  hmph!  Taylor’s birthday was Friday.  I’d been trying all week to get up with her to give a gift to her, but we didn’t get to do that til Sunday because the child has been gone somewhere with somebody every single night/day.  The King’s Island trip was part of her birthday, so we went without them and ended up being a party of 7.

guys in hammocks

the fellas, from bottom to top: there’s the Hubby, Nibs, Cootie & StankyLaigs up top. 🙂


Mel & Maddie

The gals… Bottom to top: Mel & Maddie

We had a good time.  We almost melted in the heat, but it was okay since none of us actually died.  heh  We didn’t break the record.  The event just wasn’t organized very well and that may have been part of it.  We fell almost 200 people short, but they did raise over a thousand dollars for their animal shelter.  I guess it was worth it.  Ha!

Geannie's hammocking legs

Me…trying to swing & get some heat-relief. My SHINS are sweating, people! ACK!

all hands on deck, a helping hand... ha, ha, ha, ha!

I call this one “The helping hands of friendship”… HA! When your long-legged buddy isn’t quite tall enough to triple-hang, you improvise.

See?  In spite of the 100-degree heat, we had fun.  Who couldn’t laugh with this buncha nuts?!

And Mama had a good line most all day, too!  YAY!

good Dex line in 100-degree heat!

Lookin’ good, Dex!

And almost all of us were really cool…  Ha, ha, ha!


Chacos! Our family is really a #chaconation unto itself. We can’t have #summerfun without our #chacos!

So yeah, I have been either busy with stuff or just feeling raunchy or dealing with another issue that I’ll cover in another post and I completely flaked out on last week’s frankly friday.  Sorry, guys.  Heh.  Like there were any of you out there waiting with baited breath, right?  Ha, ha, ha!!

Finally, I’m rocking a fairly steady line hovering in the 140-range.  Thank God!  I hate rollercoaster days!

my roller coaster Dex line over the past 24 hours

This one IS mine. Ugh. Go away, roller coaster!! I need some steady in my life right now! #diabeticprobs

Blessings, y’all!



why do we create “holidays” for this stuff?

obscure and made-up holidays in April

Pick a day!   ANY day!

So, I was gonna write about some crazy holiday today.  I went to the Google to see what oddball holiday there was today and found out, well… there’s like an overabundance of them…

made up April holidays

I’m sorry.. help me out here… does that say NOSE PICKING DAY?  (International, no less!) What?  Is it like a contest or are you supposed to save up and do this major clean-out today?  Is it like The Purge and this is the day you can just go crazy and dig for gold any- and everywhere?

Just FYI, I have never seen The Purge.  I don’t think I could handle it.  Without spoiling, because how can I spoil a movie I haven’t seen, it’s apparently about some civilization (seemingly America) that is totally crime free (I have no clue about this or how that would ever be achieved) except for one night when it’s no-holds-barred for murder and mayhem.  ahem  I just don’t get that.  I mean, I like a good skeery movie once in awhile, but unless it’s sorta funny…like when all the characters KNOW there’s a killer loose but they walk into a dark room calling, “Is anybody there?” I’m not that interested.  That’s just silly and I can have a good laugh pointing out all the obvious scenes that aren’t remotely possible.  But just senseless, supposedly government-sanctioned crime sprees?  Nah.  That just doesn’t appeal.

You are either relieved to know that or saddened.  Ha ha!

I’m not sure what the list below is all about.  I mean, “No Housework Day”?  “Blah, Blah, Blah Day”?  “National Honesty Day”??  What WON’T people come up with!?

holidays in aprilI’m not sure what makes us want to create some sort of day to commemorate things that should be happening every single day.  Appreciating the hubby?  Yep, should probably always do that, but maybe we need the reminders.  I guess that’s why we do it.  We need to be reminded that it’s important.

I’m just not sure whether “creating” a day, even if it’s not official, for something we should always do enforces the doing thereof or cheapens the idea altogether.

What do you think?  Is this “make everything a holiday” craze helpful or harmful in the end?  I tend to lean on the side of ‘harmful’, but I haven’t taken time to think it all the way through.  I think I just believe we should reserve holidays for the truly special occasions and stop it with all this nonsense.  Some things should happen every day and what does it say about us as a society if we need reminding?

rain – – bleh!

So, SO much rain. It rained all last week, flooding a couple times, actually and I haven’t gotten to ride at all!

I am feeling so pathetic! I need to ride! Here’s hoping for a chance in the next couple days!

I finally got the yard mowed today. It was in desperate need after going without all last week and then all the rain.

Tonight, instead of going for the group ride I went out to visit with the ladies in my reunion group. We hadn’t gotten together in months and months! It was nice and on Saturday, the one lady is having a fish fry, so there’s that to look forward to.

Wednesday, there’s a big shindig to celebrate our town becoming a TrailTown, which is a big ol’ deal and such a great thing for us! After that, I have an appointment to get a long-overdue haircut.

Thursday is our next planned group ride with some of the older and newer riders and they go at an easy, ride-at-your-own pace that I like. They don’t mind if I stop a million times to check my sugar and stuff which is really nice.

Maybe I can ride with the other group tomorrow night too…they go at a bit faster pace, but I may go anyway. Or maybe Hubby and I can go Wednesday night.

I dunno, but have mercy, I have a busy week ahead and hope, Lord willing, (and I’m sure He is…that’s me, layin’ it off on Him *shame*) I will get some accomplished on this house too.

Blessings to all!

wonder dawg


So, here’s our Maxie.  We had been talking about a canoe/kayak trip for Memorial Day with our youngest babies for a few weeks.  This is the day before that, when “they” (meaning not me) decided we had time to make a practice run down a closer river than the one we had planned for Memorial Day.

I’m not sure what possessed us to think Max ought to go, but go he did.  And he did awesome.  He is such an amazing little boogar.  I’m always impressed with him whenever we take a leap and take him with us somewhere.  He’s such a good boy.  He never seemed the least bit scared on the water, although he did simply step or roll out into it a few times.  We’re not sure if he thought all the pollen on the surface meant there was solid ground where the water was still so he should be able to walk on it or if he needed to potty and was determined to get to a good potty spot.

As unafraid as Max was, I, on the other hand, was not so brave.  Almost from the start, we hit a bit of rough water, or rather the Hubby was moving more than I was comfortable with and I panicked.  That just set the mood for me.  I suddenly remembered how little I actually liked canoeing.  The kids have a couple of kayaks but Hubby has a canoe, so that’s what we float in.

I don’t much like a canoe.  I don’t much like water, actually and especially if it’s moving at all.  In case you didn’t know, the very first time Hubby took me canoeing we went with his buddies to a river he’d never been to himself, with class 3 rapids and he had never been in the back of a canoe (where you steer from) he’d always been in the front!

As a result, I got dumped out no less than three times, each time in a section of rapids.  It was everything from unnerving to terrifying.  My insulin pump got water damage and one of the buttons get broken from hitting the solid-rock river bottom so I spent the next few days giving shots because I had no pump, not to mention that my sugars shot up during the remaining 2+ hours of water-time and 3 hour ride home.  I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I don’t like being on the water.  It’s a constant fear that my pump will get damaged.  Other than that, I would like the water except that I can’t swim…and I hate getting water in my nose and ears.

Yeah so I probably won’t ever be liking water so much.  Heh.

I learned on that first trip that moving water is POWERFUL and if you are dumped out in it, you won’t just casually wade to the shore and stroll out of the river.  And if you are pinned on top of tree roots or anything else by said water, you might as well forget getting out of the water on your own.

So yeah, those things might have been flashing through my mind every time the canoe rocked back and forth and each time I heard the boat scraping rocks.  Then there was the moment when, for some reason, Hubby couldn’t steer the canoe fast enough to keep it from ramming underneath a tree.  Since I was in the front of the canoe, I was rammed into and under the tree too, and when I grabbed the limbs to keep them from taking my head off, the canoe tipped just enough to spill me out and Hubby either got dumped or jumped out, leaving poor little Max in there, floating off by himself. After him jumping out on his own, it was funny that he was the only one that stayed in.  I came out with a couple of fingernails ripped off and one bleeding with a hunk of meat hanging off the side of one finger.

I wasn’t  happy, as you can imagine.  I wanted to go back right then and there, but um… well, you don’t “go back” in canoeing.  Nobody comes to “pick you up.  We had to go on, but my babies suggested we use their kayaks and let them use the canoe.  DIL #2 insisted we switch since the kayaks are easier to control in the water.

So Hubby and I got in the kayaks and let Baby Son & DIL #2 in the canoe.  I still wasn’t completely comfortable, but it was indeed much simpler to navigate the water and in all honesty, I very much enjoyed the floating down the calm water… but the “bumpy” areas are SO not my favorite!

I decided by the time I had paddled to the take-out point, that I wouldn’t go back with them the next day on the originally planned trip.  My neck and shoulders were horrifically tight and they’re still sore today.

This is Max on the trip back home.Max: Post-Kayaking
I think we are both done with river running for awhile.

The Baby kids, hubby and a friend of theirs went and had a good time.  When it took them about 9 hours to run the section they did, I was very glad I’d chosen to stay home, even if it was boring.  Maybe I’ll go on the river again, but probably not until I’ve had time to forget that I don’t much like it.


Genesis 41:51 –  “….“God has made me forget all my hardship and all my father’s house.”[

unexpected exit…

Looks like we might get a chance to get away from home for a couple of days. My parents have a timeshare dealie and Mom made reservations in a 3-bedroom chalet (??…I actually think it’s in some kind of resort) for a week and Mom kept asking me when we could come.

I didn’t know when or IF we could come since I never know what Hubby’s going to be into at work and he’s sometimes got more irons in the fire than others. We finally pinned down that we could come on Thursday of this week, but then, last Thursday in a random text with his supervisor, he realized he had a progress meeting this Friday that he’d forgotten about.


Mom didn’t seem to think we’d orchestrated the situation, but was upset that we wouldn’t be able to come down. We thought they were checking out Friday, but turns out checkout is Saturday and now, because he talked to his supe about it, Supe said it was FINE for Hubby to be on conference call for the meeting!!

So…last minute, like most things we do, we are scrambling to get laundry washed (because I’ve fallen down on that job again) and caretakers set up for our critters and all the stuff packed and if we can get it all done by 10pm or so, we will take off tonight!

Our youngest kiddos went down with my parents on Sunday and came back home today. Our oldest kiddos left to go down yesterday and are now planning to stay through Saturday, so it looks like this will be a fun time.

When Mom first started talking about it, I didn’t want to go at all. Originally it was gonna be that our youngest kids would come home the day our eldest ones went down, then they would leave the day we went down, so we wouldn’t get to spend any time with any of the kids and my dad mostly just wants to sit in the cabin/room and watch TV and sleep. Mom likes to shop and I think I mentioned before, we don’t have any extra money for shopping so that wouldn’t be much fun. And my sister is there and she normally just complains when we do something like this.

And then all those feelings could just be the depression getting in my head too. I forgot to mention that my dad came back home yesterday for a meeting at home today (for a job), and I’m not sure if he’s going to go back down or not. I hope so because I don’t know if we can haul everything back in just two vehicles.

So anyway, I’d better get off here and go switch out some laundry and roll up the rug. We plan to use out younger son’s dog enclosure for MaxieWag. I’m not sure how that will work, but we’ll see. He can jump awfully high and he’s not really a pad user either. But baby son will be coming to check on him some too and to put our big dog in his pen/feed him and to gather eggs.

I really wish the house wasn’t such a mess if he’s going to be coming in here, but whatcha gonna do? I wished it wasn’t a mess a month ago too. *sigh*

Okay…going to drag out some suitcases and bags.


1 Corinthians 13:4-5 — “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;”

and a fun day…

So besides going back tot he therapist today, I spent the day with one of my dearest friends and best supporters. When I first saw the therapist and then the gyno and got all those appointments, this dear friend offered to go to appointments with me any time I needed her to.

Since we hadn’t seen each other for quite awhile, she arranged her work so that she could go with me today.

We had fun chit-chatting on the way up there, then after my appointment, she very sweetly insisted on buying my lunch, so we had a nice long sit at the steakhouse, talking and laughing.

Then we took a trip to TJ Maxx. That probably doesn’t sound like a giant deal to most people, but for me it was huge. I haven’t gone anywhere but the grocery or the pharmacy in probably 3 or so months.

To go traipsing through a store just for the heck of it was SO MUCH FUN. Even more so with a dear friend. My intention was to window shop since we really don’t have any extra money, but I ended up finding a pair of the MOST comfortable shoes and having looked for shoes all winter without having any luck, I just had to. I knew we could find a way for it to be okay, but I felt so bad, however, soon I found a perfect birthday gift for my first daughter-in-law’s birthday coming up in a couple weeks, then I found a kitchen gadget that my younger kids needed…then I found an amazingly nice tea kettle for us. The one we’ve been using is not long for this world and this one is really well-built and was a great deal! Um, I also found an awesome little colander that we needed. Oh, um… and an adorable ceramic owl.

Okay, so I went a little wild. Heh. Thankfully, my sweet hubby made a little overtime this week and he is very understanding.

And I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend the day with such a sweet friend. God really is so very good to me!!

Proverbs 17:17 — “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”