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frankly friday: sorry ’boutcher luck

Sorry guys.  This week’s Frankly Friday has been canceled due to the fact that this weekend Tommy and I will be attending LIFE Retreat AND the fact that I can’t seem to feel rested even if I slept 25 hours a day!  ARGH!

Seriously, I am dealing with some monster fatigue up in here.  I’m sleeping probably 8-12 hours “at night” (which means most of the morning) and then most days, I’ll feel a wave of exhaustion hit me and need a flippin’ nap on top of that!

NOT good and NOT fun.  I’m SO tired of being SO TIRED!!  I’m going to call my GP and get another B-12 shot even though I’ve never been able to tell a big difference with the couple I’ve gotten before.  I also think I’ll ask her for another course of mega-D and see if any of that helps.  I just can’t figure it out.  Obviously, I’m not nearly as active but really, there seems to be no reason for this…no new meds or any sort of new stress that would keep me so wiped out.

ANYway, I’m sorry about letting FF slip up on me and not having anything prepared.  I’ve come to look forward to posting something interesting for FF.  Please forgive me and look for some exciting news from our LIFE Retreat!

buh-bye for now!

We go down in a couple hours for the start of it this evening and then back in the morning for more.  I really don’t know much about it so that’s about all I got for now.  This is the “finale”, if you will, of our 13-week study we’ve been doing on Thursdays.  It’s been great and after our initial hesitation about joining, we are both really glad we did.  It’s been fun getting closer to the others in the group, growing and sharing our insights about the lessons.  I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about.  They’re sorta secretive about this thing.  Ha ha!

I wish you all an awesome weekend and PLEASE continue leaving me your travel tips!  A carry-on packing list or at least essentials would be good.  Also for two days, can I get by with no checked bag?  That would be great.  I would probably get lost between the plane and baggage claim and get left behind.  There I go again with the negativity.  It’s a constant battle!





I’ve mentioned our LIFE group before, but I thought I’d expand on it a little.  It’s become a big part of our lives, Tommy’s and mine.  As I said in this post, we were really thirsting for community, for a deeper, more close connection with fellow believers.  We wanted a way to share our testimoniesRead More »