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why do we create “holidays” for this stuff?

obscure and made-up holidays in April

Pick a day!   ANY day!

So, I was gonna write about some crazy holiday today.  I went to the Google to see what oddball holiday there was today and found out, well… there’s like an overabundance of them…

made up April holidays

I’m sorry.. help me out here… does that say NOSE PICKING DAY?  (International, no less!) What?  Is it like a contest or are you supposed to save up and do this major clean-out today?  Is it like The Purge and this is the day you can just go crazy and dig for gold any- and everywhere?

Just FYI, I have never seen The Purge.  I don’t think I could handle it.  Without spoiling, because how can I spoil a movie I haven’t seen, it’s apparently about some civilization (seemingly America) that is totally crime free (I have no clue about this or how that would ever be achieved) except for one night when it’s no-holds-barred for murder and mayhem.  ahem  I just don’t get that.  I mean, I like a good skeery movie once in awhile, but unless it’s sorta funny…like when all the characters KNOW there’s a killer loose but they walk into a dark room calling, “Is anybody there?” I’m not that interested.  That’s just silly and I can have a good laugh pointing out all the obvious scenes that aren’t remotely possible.  But just senseless, supposedly government-sanctioned crime sprees?  Nah.  That just doesn’t appeal.

You are either relieved to know that or saddened.  Ha ha!

I’m not sure what the list below is all about.  I mean, “No Housework Day”?  “Blah, Blah, Blah Day”?  “National Honesty Day”??  What WON’T people come up with!?

holidays in aprilI’m not sure what makes us want to create some sort of day to commemorate things that should be happening every single day.  Appreciating the hubby?  Yep, should probably always do that, but maybe we need the reminders.  I guess that’s why we do it.  We need to be reminded that it’s important.

I’m just not sure whether “creating” a day, even if it’s not official, for something we should always do enforces the doing thereof or cheapens the idea altogether.

What do you think?  Is this “make everything a holiday” craze helpful or harmful in the end?  I tend to lean on the side of ‘harmful’, but I haven’t taken time to think it all the way through.  I think I just believe we should reserve holidays for the truly special occasions and stop it with all this nonsense.  Some things should happen every day and what does it say about us as a society if we need reminding?

the most WONderful time of the year

An Autumn Walk

this just makes me tingle.. LOVE the colors!

I love autumn.  I love the smell, the colors, the feel of the air, the anticipation of the family getting together.. oh, wait.  Well, it’s not that I dread the family part, it’s the getting ready for all that that seems to put me in a tailspin.

Can I hear an “amen” out there?

In case you didn’t already know, I’m one of the most unorganized people when it comes to my house.  Other places?  I’m an organized dynamo, but not at home.  I think part of it’s because at home, I have to live with my decisions–what to toss, where to put the untossed, etc..  I get so overwhelmed… partially over worry that I’ll make a bad decision and partially because it seems I never have enough energy.  Unlike when I’m doing my thang elsewhere, at church for instance, I can keep up my energetic-seeming job doing for a finite period and then go home.  Whereas at home, not so much.

I know depression plays a huge part in why I’m so lax at home and why I’m so easily overwhelmed by the tasks I need to complete.  It’s a double jeopardy kinda thing… the pain keeps me from doing & the non-doing adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed which deepens the depression.  What a vicious cycle!!

My other catch-22 is that my not wanting to do or go keeps me at home, but at heart I’m a more social person.  I love getting together with friends and talking the night away, ya know?  So I discovered facebook, which most everyone knows can be a blessing and a curse!  At least it is for me.

I’ve found SO many long-lost friends and become closer friends with those I only knew in passing before.  facebook can be a wonderful way of connecting and staying connected to friends, family and loved ones.  It can also be terribly addicting!

So… I’m going to try to break this awful cycle of non-doing and my addiction to facebook all at once.  I’m not going cold turkey though.  I think that might lead to more depression.  Does that make sense?  Well, anyway, I’m going to give it a try.

Time will tell if I’m successful.  Pray for me!!!