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Underbrow < Wunderbrow??

Okay, I need some input on, of all things, eyebrows!  Ya see, I don’t have any.  Observe:

UnEyebrowsI’m not even kidding here, folks!  (sorry for the totally raw, absolutely-no-make-up footage!)

I have looked at this Wunderbrow stuff (and no, I don’t get a dime for this link!) but I just can’t decide if I wanna plunk down $22 even though it appears to be the very thing I’m looking for!

So I wanna know… have any of you ever tried this stuff?  Do you know of anyone who has?  Please give me your input.  I despise spending money on something that just does not work, no matter what the amount is.  If I give you money for a product, it had better work!

I think the whole thin-to-nil-eyebrow thing is a family heirloom.  BAHAHA!  But my thyroid issues also contribute, so I am really lucky to have the few little bristles I have up there.  My mom and sister also suffer from it and neither of them have the thyroid issues, so I have to assume it’s partially an inherited trait.  My grandma on my dad’s side had similarly thin eyebrows, but hers at least made a line completely across the eye.  Mom, Judy and I seem to  have this little bushy wad sort of, but not completely toward the inner eye that peters out to nothingness by the time you get to the outer corner.


It’s really frustrating to painstakingly use eyebrow pencil and make the things look halfway natural only to have them feather away to nothing in a couple hours.  And if it’s hot outside and I sweat?  Well, you can figure they might last 15 minutes.

I am totally serious!  So okay… give it to me, ladies!!  What’s the verdict?  Would you try this?  After watching the video

….do you think this is a good bet?

Maybe the reason I’m SO hesitant is that my poor little mother is the QUEEN of buying all these wonder-miracle items off the shopping channels.  Most of the time they are some sort of great “cure diabetes” thing (yes, I know… you’d think having a type 1 diabetic daughter, she would understand the difference, but I can’t seem to get it through to her…and I guess, as a mommy, she just holds out hope in any wild idea that says it can do the trick. *sigh*) but sometimes she’ll order some kind of crazy whatsit and it ends up being just garbage.  I guess she can afford to do that, but I can’t and frankly, even if I could, it would drive me nuts each time it happened!!

To give you an idea of the types of things I’m talking about, see nutty Alton Brown demonstrating a few for America and beyond.

I kid you not.  She will order stuff like this.  slaps forehead   Moms.  Whatcha gonna do?  🙂

So, let me have your thoughts!  If I end up getting some of the stuff, I might, if asked nicely enough, do a review video!!  GASP!  C’mon guys, whaddaya think?  Should I?