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Folks, I am just at a loss.  I couldn’t come up with a catchy title because well, it’s just the same-‘ol-same.

Yep, still sick.  Yep, still no real answers.  Yep, doctors still seem puzzled as to why I am not getting better.

So my plan is to just sorta document what’s going on, what meds they have me taking now and the results of my allergy test yesterday.  I did something similar HERE last year and it has been helpful to look back and see what happened, how it was treated/how it progressed and what time of year it was.

I didn’t even make it to my endo appointment because I was at the allergist’s for so long!  (going back to try that again on Tuesday)  They only did environmental testing yesterday because the doc was afraid to do more with me coughing the way I was.  Yeah, the coughing is back after just 4-5 days’ relief from that.  I’m not sure if it is because I was out so much on Monday, traveling with Tommy to pick up truck parts or that I got so tired from being out all day… but it’s back.

As far as my meds, I’m not on too much that’s new.  Still taking these, and have been since that post above, from November of last year…




I got a couple of these nebulizer mouthpieces that I like much better than the open ones I’ve always had.  It doesn’t allow tons of the medicine to escape and the actual mouthpiece is much more comfortable.

  Of course, they always want to give me these flippin’ Tessalon pearls for coughing and they never do a thing for me, so I have a basically full bottle of them.  Argh!

At least now my doc understands that these don’t work for me.  I don’t think she’ll insist that I try them again.  They are honestly like taking nothing at all.  She gave me this instead, and it doesn’t do a whole lot if I’m already to the point of coughing so bad I can’t breathe.
Besides the fact that if you happen to take it a tad more often than prescribed, the insurance companies will REFUSE to refill it for you (because it contains Codeine) and so, you will then have to resort to liquor to quiet your coughing.  Nice job, Insurance peeps… turn folks into alkies, whydoncha?  Ugh!

The allergist now has me on two steroid inhalers:





As for antibiotics, yep, I’m on the third one of those… we started with my old standby:

  when that seemed to do nothing, they switched me to 





And now, I’m on “the big gun” (that’s what they said!)

Actually, I took the last of it today…  I’m wondering if they’ll want to me to do another course of Levaquin now?  That scares me a little given my history with antibiotics and my experience with Stevens-Johnson syndrome!  Ugh!

Okay, so the allergy testing… like I said, she only did the environmental tests and I lit up pretty good with those.  There were about three that I tested super-high in… Epicoccum, which is a mold fungi.  Yay.  When our house was terribly ill-equipped with the wrong-sized air conditioning unit (thanks, Larkey) we had a constant humidity problem.  The humidity in the house stayed super-high so of course, molds developed in the window sills and other places.  Seriously, this “mistake”, telling us we needed an HVAC system MUCH too big for our house, caused a LOT of problems.  Make sure you are using a very reputable company when getting those things installed or serviced.  We had other problems with this company, too like when the unit stopped working, they sent a guy out who somehow locked the unit in heat mode (in the dead of summer, y’all) and went back to the shop.  Yep, I’m just glad we were home and it didn’t melt the place, start a fire or worse.

ANYway, so yeah, we got a new, suitably-sized unit last year, and all those humidity problems ceased.  (thank you, for REAL, Leo Jones & Son! —we highly recommend LJ!  Ask for David & tell him we sent you!)  The damage had already been done, though.  Our house has been damaged by the mold for all those years (yep, we had this incompatible unit the entire life of the house til then).

I also reacted heavily to dust mites.. yay.  And cocklebur/mugwort…  Huh?  Weedy things, I think.  So I just ordered a ton of bedding… hypo-allergenic mattress cover, pillows & pillow covers.  My next big project I wanna do is to rip all the carpet out of the house, but we have to be able to afford to replace the flooring first.  UGH!  I would be fine with putting tile (the wood-look stuff that’s so popular!) in the bedroom, but Tommy is all “No way!”   He can be such a butt!!  He’s so weird about stuff like that.  He has a certain way set in his mind and no matter how little sense it makes, you can’t convince him otherwise.  DRIVES ME UP A WALL!  What does he want?  Wood.  Why?  He thinks it’s better.  ???  I dunno why.  For one, it’s tons more messy with the sawdust factor.  Secondly, HELLO!  I’m allergic to some trees.  And he wants to put dead ones all over the floor??  What?!?!?  I also assume wood would be more expensive, but I dunno for sure.

I am so ready to stop feeling crap-u-licious, you guys!

Oh, and while I was looking up all these graphics, I found this little jewel:

Just FYI…this is completely not true.  I tried it several times.  Maybe it’s because I was coughing so violently, so much that it couldn’t work?  I don’t know.  However, I DO know that this just does NOT work.  “Immediately”??  Um, nope.  It may have helped soothe it eventually, but stopping it?  Not at all.


Alrighty, well that’s my report for now.  Hopefully, I will soon have some improvements to tell you about.  Lord, I surely hope so.  I am so tired of being so stinkin’ sick.



slowly but surely

This is an update to my last “health” post sick again, naturally.

I made it to the allergist in one piece. Turns out this was the same office I’d been to in another town. This doc has offices in a couple other towns, and I couldn’t remember the name of the doctor to save my life! So anyhow, that meant they had my last scratch test results and other info. It wasn’t quite three years ago since that last visit, so they didn’t redo the scratch test again. I was VERY thankful for that!

I saw the PA, who I liked very well. She said it sounded like I just really needed some maintenance meds for the asthma. She gave me a steroid inhaler and a refill for the albuterol for my nebulizer. I’m supposed to take it twice a day along with another similar medicine, iprapropium. Boy, does it make me jittery! I’d never had much of a reaction with albuterol alone, but the two of them together make my heart race and feel like I’m gonna crawl out of my skin. I hate it!

The steroid is the nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted! She gave me a sample of it so I’m stuck with it for awhile, but my insurance won’t cover it so I’ll have to get some other similar inhaler after this runs out.

I’m not sure if she’s planning to keep me on that one for maintenance or not. Not sure what kind of affects inhaled steroids have so I need to research that.

She also gave me antibiotics, my usual after I told her it’s the only one that seems to work for me…Keflex. It seems to be doing the job. I still have plenty of coughing, but not the violent fits where I can’t get a breath.

So…for my own benefit, there’s the update. Finally doing better and I’m SO thankful!