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frankly friday: Eli Lilly & the rising cost of insulin

humalog insulin

I dunno if this Frankly Friday thing will stick, but for today, let’s roll with it.  I apologize to my non-diabetic readers, but this is a huge issue for us and if you love a diabetic, you should be upset about this too.  Let’s face it, it won’t be long before you could face this same issue with a medicine that you need!

humalogHUMALOG insulin: the stuff I, and tens of thousands of other diabetics, depend on to stay alive

I came across an article on Facebook about this and it just made my blood boil.  WHY are these companies allowed to do this?  deep breath  Sorry… I should probably let you in on the secret, huh?  Some jerk CEO at Lilly made some really callous, idiotic statements regarding the rising cost of one of their most popular products, Humalog.

eli lilly

Here’s a quote from this jackwad, Lechleiter:

Asked on the earnings call about the current debate over drug pricing, John Lechleiter, chief executive officer, said higher prices make sense because it helps the company fund the research needed to find better treatment methods or a cure.

Excuse me?  “higher prices make sense because it helps… fund research to find…a cure”?!?!?  Um, no.  I would love to know the total revenue generated by Lilly over the years they have produced insulin and find out exactly how much of that goes to researching a cure.

I don’t know who he thought he was talking to but all of us out here “in the field” trying to survive day after day with this disease know full well that no diabetes medication manufacturer is looking too hard for a cure.  They make too much flippin’ money selling us stop-gap measures, granted we need them to live, but when they make comments like that and tell us they’re trying to fund research while jacking the prices up for the ONE thing that keeps us breathing??

Nope.  You’re full of crap. Sorry if you’re offended by my watered down language.  I’m mad!!  I’m furious that this is allowed to go on.  It’s not bad enough that we have to deal with insurance companies that dictate which medicines we can or can’t buy if we want their policies to cover a fraction of the costs, it’s not bad enough that they can deny coverage of some things telling us they’ve been deemed unnecessary.  I have always believed that big pharma and insurance companies are in bed together.  Premiums go up, co-pays go up, covered percentages go down, cost of medications go up… you see the trend?  The only people this crap “makes sense” for is all those suit-and-ties in these companies who are making billions off all our pain and suffering.

I gotta get off here and try to calm down.  This stuff just sends my blood pressure through the roof.  What kinda price-jacked medicine do you want to sell me for that, Lechleiter?  puke

Wishing all my peeps a beautiful day.  mwah!