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friends + internet = YAY!

So, with our youngest kids (my baby son and his wife) in Haiti still, we celebrated Father’s Day with our eldest and his wife.  We met up after church and rode up to Lexington with them to eat at Tommy’s favorite steak house in the whole world.  (sarcasm)  We don’t have a Texas Roadhouse and if we did, the two of us would founder on their fried pickles and become land-locked orcas with high cholesterol and all the trimmings.

He goes for the steak, but I go for those pickles. Of all the places I’ve eaten fried pickles before, TR’s are definitely the best.  I dunno why, but chips are always preferable to wedges and the more crisp/less oily, the better.  Texas Roadhouse’s seem to always be just right.  That may be because we don’t get to go very often?  And that’s okay.  They are really the highlight of a visit and one of the few “treats” we both absolutely love!  I have to be in the mood for steak, so a lot of the time, I just get a grilled chicken salad, which is also yummy and makes me a stellar person with diabetes, too, right?  cough, sputter   I need all the make-up points I can get after I eat what’s coming before that salad!

ANYhow, so we went up there and got seated almost immediately when there was a larger party in front of us who were told there would be an hour wait!  So like a nice, dutiful diabetical person, I test my sugar.  It’s fine, I bolus to cover the too-much rolls with cinnamon butter and those fried pickles I’m fixin’ to have.  I lay my meter to the side against the ‘wall’ because I’m sitting on the inside of the booth.  I remember thinking to myself,

  “I won’t possibly forget it since my phone is right there beside it.”

my trusty pinky-purple bag that holds my dia-info-giver: my Bayer Next USB meter

Mm-hmm.  Famous last words.

Yeah, this morning, I was frantic searching for that thing.  I looked everywhere I usually test here in the house…nothing.  I emptied my purse to see if it was hiding in there…nope.  I finally texted my daughter-in-law to ask if she could check their truck when she got a chance!  Then, I just sucked it up and called the restaurant.

siiiigh  “Oh, yeah and it’s got these little blue and pink and yellow um…plastic things in it?”  (lancets)  the lady said after I described the case to her.  Yep, that’s it.

Man, I was SO mad at myself!  Gah!  I am going to have to make a trip up there in about a week and a half for an endo appointment and to have to drive up there just for that was maddening to me.  Argh!!

aw, crap!

She asks me to spell my name and tells me she has tagged it for me and it will be there waiting.  I explained to her that it may be a few days before I can make it up there.  She then informs me that they have stuff that’s been there for two years, expounding, “We never clean this stuff out, so don’t worry.  It will be here when you come.”

I ended the call not sure whether that was comforting or disturbing news.  But at least I could stop searching for the thing.

I was SO mad at myself for walking off and leaving the meter on the table that I posted on ReachOut (an amazing new app for diabetics!) and then on Facebook too.  A friend messaged me to say I should post an “SOS”, as she called it, to see if any of my friends were in the area who could pick it up.  Brilliant!  And so I did and soon I got a response from a lady I know from our homeschooling days.  I haven’t seen her in ages, but she was going to be up there this evening.  So we are going to drive up to her town tonight to get it.  I found out why I probably haven’t seen her…she moved!!  Sheesh!  That puts us driving about 30 miles away instead of 80 one way!  Yes!

So…I’m embarrassed that I got so angry, but I guess I figure after all these years, I ought to not do things like that.  Oh well…honestly, I guess I was a bit silly about it and it wasn’t that big a deal since I have probably only done that about 3 times in all these decades.

All is well in the end.  We got there before she was home and spent a little time catching up with her husband and then a short chat with her bringing each other up to speed on how unbelievably much our kids had grown and we were off.  It was late and Tommy was already getting sleepy.

We grabbed a quick bite at a drive-thru and he ended up pulling over about 8 miles into the trip to let me drive.  That’s okay.  I don’t mind driving on a clear night.

We’re still alive, after all.

So…how often do YOU do this sort of thing and how does it make you feel?



frankly friday: more info = more control in T1D

hypo-unawareness is like walking blind toward a cliff-CGM lets me focus on the scenery instead

Happy Friday, folks!  I’m getting a late start, but that’s been my norm the past few weeks.  I won’t bore you with how flippin’ tired I have been and how much I’ve been sleeping, but trust me.  It’s A LOT and I’m getting really…*heh*… tired of it.  *psh!*

In other news… I just read this article about a study to see if more information (ie: blood sugar testing ..I assume via CGM) can improve the life and health of PWDs.  My first thought?


As you probably recall from previous posts, we purchased out of pocket (we’re still paying for it, actually) a CGM transmitter for me early last year in the hopes that our then-insurance company would soon cover them so I could get sensors to use the CGM.

That was a dream.  It never happened, so when the four sensors that came with the transmitter were done, I had to put the thing in the cabinet and there it sits.  Pretty sick feeling to send a payment for something you paid over 5k for and only got to use a month.  Ugh!

So I’m looking forward to getting the CGM, in case you didn’t realize.  *ha ha*  I know they’re not perfect, but people, when you are walking around, helping move heavy furniture, thinking you’re fine as frog hair only to test because your honey thinks “You look kinda pale, hun.. why don’t you test?” and find that your sugar is 27??  That is NOT a good feeling!  It’s terrifying to know that you can’t tell when your sugar is dropping.  To clarify for you non-Ds, a low is more of an emergency situation most of the time.  You can drop so low, or so quickly…or BOTH that you COULD DIE from it!!

Did you catch that?  I could DIE because I am unable to tell when my sugar is falling.  My body no longer sends me signals to warn me that I need to eat something or suspend my pump and chug a can of Coke or scream for Tommy to come and help me until I begin to feel that being-pulled-out-of-myself feeling that I can only imagine means I’m about to pass out.  It FEELS like I’m about to die.  Seriously.  I detest that feeling.  It’s terrifying and I’m looking forward to not dealing with that, not having to worry when I’m by myself somewhere or when I’m driving.

Is more information important for people with type one diabetes?  You bet your bottom dollar it is!!  Why do we need a study to prove that?  I guess because insurance companies are still denying CGMs to people who have documented hypo-unawareness and doctors’ letters saying their patients need them.  Because people out there still don’t understand how T1D affects us or how serious it is.  (remember me telling you my friend thought because I had a pump, that “took care of everything” and I really didn’t have to “do” anything regarding diabetes??!!)

hypo-unawareness is like walking blind toward a cliff...CGM allows me to focus on the scenery instead

So yeah, information is crucial.  Knowing what our bodies are doing with the replacement hormone we inject ourselves with daily in order to live is kinda important.  Knowing whether our blood sugar is too high or too low or just right is vital to our safety,  not to mention the safety of our children or YOU, in the case of driving or operating machinery.  Think about it.  If YOU didn’t know your body was doing something…for instance, if your body didn’t recognize that it was blind or deaf, do you think that might cause a problem?

That’s silly, you say?  The only reason it’s silly is because you can visibly see (or not, as the case may be!) when a blind person needs help or a deaf person needs assistance.  It’s not at all visible with diabetes.  All our dysfunction is on the inside, but it affects the very system that controls our entire metabolism!

*sigh*  I’m thankful for the technology of CGMs.  I’m looking forward to having it and feeling more confident and safe when I’m by myself or with people who may not understand diabetes enough to help me if I needed it.

I’m curious what this study will determine.  I can’t eve imagine it concluding anything other than more info equals more power to control our disease.  At least more ability to keep ahead of it!

What do you think?  If you’re not a PWD, have you or are you learning anything more about T1D from these posts??  Please let me know.  Interaction is like air for me!!  Like the posts or comment!!  I am dying to know what you guys think.

Have a beautiful weekend & a blessed Lord’s Day!