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3 things I am totally not loving right now…

Hey, everyone!  I hope you are all safe during this crazy-weather season.  Without cable, I don’t have access to the 24/7 coverage of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction down in Texas, but I have family in the Houston area so I am keeping up with things through my mom or snippets of news I see online.  So far, thank God, they are all safe and have not lost anything to the flood waters.  My prayers are for all those who are trying to live through this and for those who have gone down there to help.  God bless them all with safety and meet their needs!


the weather

I wanted to pop on and share a few things that I’ve been doing lately… like looking for a remote job, for one.

I’m hooked up with RRR (Rat Race Rebellion), Remote, LinkedIn and Indeed.  I have been on LinkedIn for ages and never thought about looking for work there, but more to promote the blog and network with people.  It was suggested to have a resume on Indeed as well, so I went to sign up on Indeed only to find out that sometime or other, I had already set up an account there.

Sheesh!  I hate when I don’t keep track of that kind of stuff, but I made sure my info was still correct, updated the resume and never really thought any more about it until I got an email through Indeed.

I was SO excited at the prospect.  The lady said she was an attorney relocating from Pennsylvania to Kentucky in a city near me and needed an assistant for both office and personal errands.  It sounded like a great job and I was really thinking “What a great blessing!”  

After letting her know I was interested, she asked for some info about me, just an informal bio-type of thing so I told her I was an empty-nest mom, married 32 years who had worked in bookkeeping, office management, retail management and most recently in various call-center jobs including a few government contracts.  I told her I’d homeschooled my sons and how they are doing in their jobs.  For some reason, I feel a need to include this somehow on my resumes because it seems to be proof that I did a good job.  (ha ha!  I don’t go into how it was mostly God that did it because He had to hold me together through most of it!)

So anyway…she replied that it sounded like I was perfect for the job and she wanted to “secure me” now as she was going to be leaving for Turkey soon to arrange to bring her two children back with her.  She told me this stuff in that second email, but her mother currently cared for the children but no explanation as to why.  This was sort of odd to me, but then when she said she wanted to advance me a weeks’ pay and have me start immediately “to test proficiency” and so that I’d be ready to help her get started as soon as she got back when “mind you there will be a formal interview when I return” so it seemed legit enough but something about the way she had misspelled some words (a pet peeve of mine, however, I don’t think I’m nazi-ish about it) and that it seemed as if English wasn’t her first language (also not something I would normally judge someone on, but an attorney in America?  I’d think being well-versed in using the language would be a must, ya know?)  So I got suspicious about it.

I haven’t been able to find ANYONE in the Pennsylvania town she gave as her current location by her name.  She hasn’t given me the name of a firm, so I assumed she was opening her own practice here, but there should be SOME mention of her name if she’s been practicing there at all, right?

** sigh **  Oh, and did I mention she wanted to pay me $500/week to work part time?  That is of course why I was thrilled to think about taking the position, but then to advance me that sight-unseen?  Um… say it with me, FISHY!  So, I found a forum on Indeed and asked if there was any way to check out a potential employer through the website.  All I got was “If it sounds fishy to you, it probably is.  Scammers make me furious!”

She wanted just the name of my bank, and then the other info she asked for would be available on my resume.  So I’m going to reply that she can find all that information there and then I’d prefer her to pay me through Paypal this first time until we can do the formal interview.  Let’s see what response I get from that.

Gah.  I’m so sad.  I thought for sure God had dropped the perfect job in my lap!  (almost perfect–it was still going to require that I drive 40-some miles several times a week each way to work in the office– I really want a remote job but thought for part time, it would probably be a good way to get out of the house a bit)

Ah well… if He DID do this, it will all work out, but if not, I am so thankful He gave me the good sense not to just shoot her my info in a fit of giddiness about a part-time $500/wk fake job!

Have any of you dealt with this kind of thing?  I mean, I’ve seen the emails that say “Work from home, 5 minutes a day and make $100k/year!”  Ha!  Those are so obviously a bunch of crapola.  But this one was much sneakier.

How would you respond (or would you respond at all?) to a job offer like this?


deceitful people online (or in real life, for that matter!)

The other thing I am not crazy about right now is the high cost of dental care.  If you know me, you know this has become the bane of my existence!  Due to diabetes, my teeth are more prone to decay anyway, but I also inherited just awful teeth from my mother.  She was about my age when her teeth just began to fall apart.

Thanks, Mom.  Mine are doing the same right now.  Seriously, there’s a lot to be said about good “teeth genes” because my husband takes MUCH less care of his teeth and has had maybe ONE cavity in our entire marriage.  My kids, thank God, got some of that trait from their dad.  Well, thank God for the good “teeth genes” but not for their dental hygiene habits.  They are as bad at caring for their teeth but have little to no problems with their teeth either, so praise God for that one!

My teeth are just SO brittle and they are literally falling apart.  Not all of them at once, thank the Lord, but enough of them to cause me a lot of trouble and getting them fixed is just ungodly expensive!  I’ve had so far about 4 teeth pulled either because of a deep cavity that I opted not to fix or because the tooth just broke and instead of paying for a crown, I said, “Just pull it!”  That plan has worked fine until the last one.  The tooth had just crumbled apart after having a chunk break off of it a few months prior.  Of course, my dentist had been nagging me to let him fix it.  After it crumbled that way, it left some fragments in the gum that were like little knives that I tried to manage.  At first, they would only cut my tongue occasionally and I could deal with that.  But then, since I have some allergies and also something called geographic tongue (yes, it’s a thing…click on it and see what that’s about!) so when something causes a reaction, my tongue gets very angry and sore and it hurts like the devil!  By the time I’d had enough and set up the appointment to have those fragments pulled, I was afraid I’d possibly set up cancer because there was this ugly, inflamed hole in the bottom of my tongue where it had rubbed against those tooth-fragment knives for so long.  I’m serious…it was a defined hole with a scary white ridge around the edges.  And it HURT so bad!!!

Thank God, though, once I got those fragments pulled, the hole healed up and went away, but now I have just one molar behind that one and the gap left by the missing tooth feels massive which makes it feel like I don’t have much to chew with on my left side.  And now, as of about a month ago, an old crown came out on the top right leaving behind, you guessed it…some little tooth fragments.  Thankfully, they aren’t nearly as huge or sharp so they’re not bothering me except that with only one molar behind that gap as well, once again I have little left to chew with over there.  And while the fragments don’t cut my tongue, it does hurt like crazy if I accidentally bite down on something

with those little suckers.  Try as I might, it’s hard not to let a bit of food slip over in that gap and it will mash against those fragments and send pain shooting through my face.  It usually bleeds too which only adds to the ghastliness

of the situation, right?

I have decided I won’t spend a bunch of money to fix my crappy teeth anymore.  What I WANT to do is have dental

implants, but then again, that definitely is going to cost a ton of money.  BUT it should be a more permanent solution, so that’s what I am holding out for… I’m just not sure how long I can hold out.  My oral surgeon recommended I wait til absolutely necessary to do that.  He said he has an aversion to yanking out perfectly good teeth, especially from a diabetic. And then there’s the whole process of implants… pull any remaining teeth, wait possibly up to 6 months for that to heal, then place the implants, go through the healing process for them and then several visits to make sure they are properly fitted and aligned and so forth.

So, I’m waiting.  Impatiently, but I’m waiting all the same.


dental work and expense

So, friends… what kind of things are going on with you lately that you just really hate?  Do you also struggle to afford dental care?  Do you have dental insurance (because I do, but it’s not worth a whole lot once they tell you what they won’t cover!)?  Are you a fanatic about dental care or do you avoid it?  I guess I’m somewhere in the middle.

we made it out alive…


In case you are clueless, I’m talking about the trip last week to Nashville with Hubby and our baby dog, Max. This was Max’s first big trip to a fancy hotel in a big city. He did awesome when you consider he’s used to being let out into the back yard when he needs to do his “doodie”… haha. But we had to go down 10 floors in an elevator with a glass back so you could see out the entire, dizzying plummet to the lobby. There, we had to be quiet, which sometimes happened and sometimes not, walk through the lobby and the rotating door and then across the street to the awesome War Memorial park before we could do any sort of doods at all.

Honestly, it was a lot easier than I had feared. When we got into the lobby to check in, my inner dialogue went something like, “What in this WORLD were you thinking? We will NEVER survive the next four days in this place with this dog!!”

Good ol’ Maxie, though, he fooled us.

Hubbs enjoyed the conference well enough, but when we realized that the extra class he’d been signed up at attend wouldn’t be over til after 5 p.m. the last day and hotel check-out time was 11 a.m., well, I might have panicked a little.

We had done fine staying in the hotel, taking walks around the park and up and down the streets surrounding the hotel. There is great value in having a cool, secluded base camp (our room). But now we were going to essentially be homeless for at least 6 hours. It was over 80 degrees down there and you couldn’t take pets in a lot of places so I was really concerned about how we’d deal.

It wasn’t fun, but we did it. I ended up having to drive across Nashville TWICE, which was an experience in and of itself!! EGADS!! After I checked out and drove a few blocks away where we had walked the night before, I found a place to park and got Max out to scope the place out a bit. I had read online that pets were allowed in the place I wanted to get brunch, The Frothy Monkey. But when I got there, it was a totally enclosed place and I didn’t want to attempt taking him in and him getting all barky. That would have just freaked me out too much so I took him back to the truck, started it and crated him. I went back and ordered my food, ate it in a fairly leisurely manner and soon noticed that the place was becoming packed. I mean, PACKED!

I could see outside that the traffic was becoming a lot heavier too. So by the time I had finished with my food, gone to the restroom and walked back outside, I found that the street was a virtual madhouse!

That’s when the panic set in.

I had actually driven a short distance from the hotel to a park the day before. It was really crowded and there was a large area I couldn’t take Max, so when I found another park online not too far away, I had made tentative plans to drive over there. But now…I was feeling so unsure of whether I could even maneuver my way out of the parking lot, let alone make it all the way across town to a place I’d never even been before.

I was truly overcome with panic. And I’m not really an anxious person to the point of feeling it physically when I get worried, but on this day, I was a big ol’ mess. I texted the friends from my reunion group and asked them to pray for me. I texted my kids back home and asked them to pray. I felt soem peace knowing that they would indeed pray and from the encouraging messages some of them sent.

I began to feel God’s presence with me and the panic began to fade a bit. I was concerned about whether I had enough parking time left to sit there til the traffic thinned a bit. But even before my time had expired, I was feeling much better and confident enough that with Jesus’ help, I could do this.

So I took off and even though the feelings of panic rose up again a time or two, they never overtook me. Even with a couple of detours from the GPS directions because of construction, I still made it to the park without incident and boy, was I relieved!

I sat there for a bit, thanking God and recalling all the times He has delivered me in times just like this…and worse! And I kicked myself for getting into such a state in the first place.

Why do I do that? Why is my first reaction to panic and fret? I guess that’s just part of human nature, but it sure makes me angry at myself. As I sat there remembering how REAL and how EVIDENT God was to me a few years ago when I had run over my foot with our lawnmower. I had cut off a big slice of my heel and had to have a couple surgeries, a skin graft and was on crutches for months. For a T1 diabetic, that is some major risk, we tend to heal SO slowly and SO badly.. but God.

But God!!

He healed that huge wound faster and better than most of my hangnails. I kid you not. The first few days after the accident while they kept me in the hospital waiting to see a specialist and make sure I didn’t develop infection, He even healed me of the diabetes.

Yep, you read that right. I had SO many people praying for me, and I am certain most of them were just saying, “Heal Geannie, Lord.” I fully believe that because of those prayers, or maybe just because God felt like showing off, I got to a point where I didn’t need insulin at all. I actually turned off my insulin pump and disconnected it. If i didn’t, my sugars stayed dangerously low.

No, it’s not “a thing” for diabetics to do this after a trauma. It’s not normal at all. That’s just another reason I know God was behind it. Now, it was only for a few days, not a permanent healing, but perhaps that time of my body not having to deal with outside attempts to regulate my sugars jump-started the healing in my foot, maybe it did some other weird thing that promoted the quick healing. I don’t know. And you know what? I don’t HAVE to know why or what.

God knows what He’s doing.

People sometimes ask me if it was awful when I realized I needed to start back on the insulin. No. It wasn’t. I have no clue why God would heal me for that brief period of time other than to give me this testimony, to give me this reminder of the faith that I so often need. Or maybe it’s because YOU needed to hear this story for some reason.

And if that’s the only reason it happened, that’s okay with me. Through all this, and the many other times God has pulled me through something, I have learned, albeit slowly and the hard way, but finally, I have learned to trust Him with my life.

EVEN when it looks like my life might come to an end or be horrifically changed. Romans 8:28 says “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” That is SO true, but we have to trust that, to believe it’s true. No matter WHAT the “things” look like, no matter how scary they might be, we must trust that God is in control and He’s working and putting things together for a purpose and for our ultimate good.

We don’t have to understand the process, we just have to trust the Orchestrate-or.

I have always loved this saying, and honestly, I’m not sure if it’s my original or not, but I’ve never found it anywhere else or attributed to anyone else, but here it is…let it minister to you the way it has countless times for me:

I don’t have to know where we’re goin’. Jesus has the map.