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Wunderbrow: the follow-up

NOTE: this is NOT a compensated or paid review!  (however, I’m willing to accept a token of appreciation, Wunderbrow! haha!)

Well, I broke down and ordered me some-a that Wunderbrow.  A few of you were curious, like I was, about whether that stuff would really do what the commercials said it would!  I sorta accidentally ordered some.  Maybe “incidentally” is the word I should use?  Um…I’ll have to dig out my Grammar Nazi and see about that one, but for now, let’s continue shall we?


What happened was I needed to order some other stuff and you know how it goes, you get that notification “If you’ll JUST order THIS much more, you can get THIS great thing!”  It was free shipping.  The free shipping always gets me.  So I tossed the Wunderbrow into my cart.

It finally came in and then it was a couple more days before I got to really try it.  I did NOT want to wait til I was going out in public, so I washed my face so as to give it a nice, clean environment to do its magic and proceeded to start the application…

The first thing I noticed is that the color was certainly not what I’d have chosen if I were picking it off the shelf in a store.  I ordered brunette after wavering between that and the blonde.  I have used blonde eyebrow pencils before, but most are just too light.  The color looked sort of ashy to me.  But when I put it on, it looked fine.  I have had pencils like that before too, so that was no biggie, but be aware, the color in the tube may not appear to be what you want.  The applicator is simply a wand with a short brush on the end.  I was a little leery of being able to use it well, but it wasn’t hard to get used to.  I was very sparing, thinking “you can always add more” so I just tried to touch the few brow/hairs I have up there.  In the very sparse spots, I did go back and dab a bit more to get some on my skin too.

I quickly took the mascara brush wand that’s included to blend and spread the product.  This didn’t take much effort since I had kept the product pretty much where I wanted it in the first place.  The extra brush/wand just helped to pull the product onto each hair more evenly.

So….Be sure to look back at the first post for a naked-eyebrows, no-makeup photo to see what kind of nothingness I am working with here!  But here is the result of application:

I detest close-ups! But observe the eyebrows after Wunderbrow application

I DETEST close-ups, but here is the result of my first-ever Wunderbrow application. Please ignore horrible skin texture and wrinkles!

I have only done the left brow in this shot.  I thought it looked pretty good especially considering I have never used anything other than a pencil or a powder for my brows.

The texture is sorta like a hair gel, a bit stiff, but not abnormally so after applying a liquid product.  I only did the finger rub once and true to form, it didn’t come off or move at all.

both brows with Wunderbrow

Here are both brows with Wunderbrow…(I know, that right one still isn’t right…I fixed it after this photo & forgot to snap another one!) Sheesh!

So yeah, I realize that right brow looks horribly uneven.  I was a little mortified by how appalling my skin looks in these photos and I think I let that rattle me.  I did work on that one a bit more, but neglected to snap a shot of the brows afterward.  Sue me.  (bahaha!)

I wore the stuff all day while running errands in town in almost-90-degree weather.  I had to get chicken feed, a few groceries, return a top and of course, purchase two more and stop in the pharmacy to straighten out some info in our long list of meds.  I ran around, sweating like a horse, for about 3 hours before I came home and sweated some more.

The below photos are after about 8 hours of wear under pretty harsh conditions:

Wunderbrow: 8 hours & a ton of sweating later

after approximately 8 hours in sweltering heat…

Again, ignore the horrific appearance of my skin.  I just thank God that people’s normal vision isn’t zoomed!

So, I thought it held up pretty doggone well!  I think the usual thin spots in my eyebrows (just past the highest point of the arch) are a bit thin-looking, but usually with a pencil, they are completely bald!

My overall opinion of Wunderbrow is that yes, it works.  It stays on better and longer than anything else I’ve used.  I only found one negative that isn’t really a negative, just a fact/finding of mine.  When you go to purchase this stuff, you’re likely to get suggestions to buy the remover too.  I did not purchase the remover.  According to the commercials and the box, this stuff will stay on for days.  My experience is that yes, it will stay for days if you don’t wash your face, or if you can wash your face thoroughly while avoiding the eyebrow area.  That’s the only way I can see it lasting more than one day.  The first time I used it, I cleaned my face the way I normally do.  I used Biore charcoal soap with my MK battery-operated face brush.  I didn’t use the brush on my brows any more than I normally would, but I thought maybe the brush was what made it come off.  The next time, however, I just lathered the soap in my hands and did a quick rub-a-dub with them…no brush, no washcloth…just to see what would happen.  The Wunderbrow came off just as easily.  So do NOT buy that remover.  It’s not necessary at all.

I recommend this to anyone out there who struggles with keeping an eyebrow pencil or powder in place.  It is not quite as great as they claim, but it is pretty good for anyone with brow issues!

Wunderbrow gets 3.5 stars from My Life in Dog Years!

I give Wunderbrow 3.5 stars!

Once again, I have not been compensated for this review.  It’s my own and for the benefit of those who read here.  If Wunderbrow would like to send me another box of product, that’d be great though.  Contact me and I’ll give you the address!  🙂

Y’all have a good Wednesday!



Underbrow < Wunderbrow??

Okay, I need some input on, of all things, eyebrows!  Ya see, I don’t have any.  Observe:

UnEyebrowsI’m not even kidding here, folks!  (sorry for the totally raw, absolutely-no-make-up footage!)

I have looked at this Wunderbrow stuff (and no, I don’t get a dime for this link!) but I just can’t decide if I wanna plunk down $22 even though it appears to be the very thing I’m looking for!

So I wanna know… have any of you ever tried this stuff?  Do you know of anyone who has?  Please give me your input.  I despise spending money on something that just does not work, no matter what the amount is.  If I give you money for a product, it had better work!

I think the whole thin-to-nil-eyebrow thing is a family heirloom.  BAHAHA!  But my thyroid issues also contribute, so I am really lucky to have the few little bristles I have up there.  My mom and sister also suffer from it and neither of them have the thyroid issues, so I have to assume it’s partially an inherited trait.  My grandma on my dad’s side had similarly thin eyebrows, but hers at least made a line completely across the eye.  Mom, Judy and I seem to  have this little bushy wad sort of, but not completely toward the inner eye that peters out to nothingness by the time you get to the outer corner.


It’s really frustrating to painstakingly use eyebrow pencil and make the things look halfway natural only to have them feather away to nothing in a couple hours.  And if it’s hot outside and I sweat?  Well, you can figure they might last 15 minutes.

I am totally serious!  So okay… give it to me, ladies!!  What’s the verdict?  Would you try this?  After watching the video

….do you think this is a good bet?

Maybe the reason I’m SO hesitant is that my poor little mother is the QUEEN of buying all these wonder-miracle items off the shopping channels.  Most of the time they are some sort of great “cure diabetes” thing (yes, I know… you’d think having a type 1 diabetic daughter, she would understand the difference, but I can’t seem to get it through to her…and I guess, as a mommy, she just holds out hope in any wild idea that says it can do the trick. *sigh*) but sometimes she’ll order some kind of crazy whatsit and it ends up being just garbage.  I guess she can afford to do that, but I can’t and frankly, even if I could, it would drive me nuts each time it happened!!

To give you an idea of the types of things I’m talking about, see nutty Alton Brown demonstrating a few for America and beyond.

I kid you not.  She will order stuff like this.  slaps forehead   Moms.  Whatcha gonna do?  🙂

So, let me have your thoughts!  If I end up getting some of the stuff, I might, if asked nicely enough, do a review video!!  GASP!  C’mon guys, whaddaya think?  Should I?