Our dark secret…

The page you are about to view contains the story of our marriage over 30 years ago and how we kept it together in spite of a very personal and private “secret” that we felt we couldn’t share with anyone else.

newlyweds: clueless

newlyweds in 1985: clueless

What would have, could have (and probably “should” have!) destroyed any marriage, God somehow, for some reason, made powerless against ours.

That’s not to say it has been a breeze.  Not in ANY shape, form or fashion has our marriage been easy.  You’re about to read the darker side, the ugly parts, the shame-inducing, guilt-inflicting, bewildering problem that we

didn’t understand,

couldn’t explain

or get diagnosed and

certainly didn’t seem to be able to fix.

Until…. God was guiding us every step of the way, I believe.  When most of our other friends’ marriages have come and gone, ours is still standing, in spite of a very dark secret…

Our hope is that by sharing our struggle and triumph over this, God may help another couple out there realize they are not alone or some woman who wonders what’s wrong with her that she’s not the only one…

ringing in 2016

ringing in 2016

For God’s glory!

Tommy & Geannie


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