walking on sunshine

I just LOVE that song!

I wasn’t gonna post it here, but now that I’m listening to it, I’m glad I did!  I was gonna say that I’m NOT exactly “walking on sunshine” today, but hearing the song has pumped me up just a little.

As I said in my follow-up post, my visit to the endocrinologist confirmed that my thyroid meds are at too high a dose.  This is how it goes with me, ever since I first had the Graves Disease addressed with I-131 (radioactive iodine treatment).  One time it’s too high, the next it’s too low… over and over!!

I have always felt that the dose of I-131 they gave me was too high (my thyroid levels were 5x above normal at the time) and when, less than two weeks after the treatment they tested and found my levels at only a fraction of a percent, they seemed alarmed and immediately put me on 175 mg of Synthroid.  I remember the pharmacist asking me about the dosage, telling me it was awfully high, they’d never seen an initial dose that high prescribed before.  The owner even called the doctor’s office to confirm before she filled it.   Later I learned that most of the time, after any sort of hyperthyroid treatment, the initial dosage for replacement therapy is much less, around 25-50 mg!  I can see why the pharmacist had reservations!  However, me being the out-of-the-box gal that I am medically speaking, I have never been on a dose lower than 150 mg.  Ever.

Right now I’m coming off a dose of 224 mg!  Yeah.  If you research a little about the thyroid gland and its hormone, you’ll find that it’s what controls the entire metabolic system.  So…when your thyroid’s gone wonky, you are NOT gonna feel good, one way or another!

Too low, (hypothyroidism) and you’re tired, cold, lethargic, everything slows down because you don’t have enough thyroid hormone to run your systems!  You gain weight and are more prone to depression, everything aches and you just feel like crap.  This, however, is NOT the condition I was in when the Graves was diagnosed.  No, that came later.  I was hyPERthyroid at that time, meaning I had TOO MUCH thyroid hormone.

My pancreas didn’t work at all but my thyroid gland was kickin’ butt, right?  Of course!  *sarcasm*

No, with hyperthyroid, or too much thyroid production, you’re like a furnace, always too hot, always sweating even in the dead of winter, your heart races, you are hungry ALL the time but you don’t gain weight.  So when I went from this, which I was really USED to (although at the time, I felt like I was melting … I could NEVER get cooled down and was always sweating!) and went in the opposite direction, gained back all the weight I’d just lost after having my second child plus some, my metabolism seemed to come to a screeching halt.  That’s when the depression hit me the hardest.  I had two small children and I felt like crap on a paper plate!

So ANYway, this started out as a post about how nice the weather was and how I didn’t feel up to enjoying it the way I’d like.  I’ve gone and turned it into a course in dealing-with-thyroid-disease.  SORRY!

Maybe you enjoy learning this stuff.  I know that as a person with several diseases that require constant monitoring, I have learned to be my own best advocate.  I do A LOT of research about medical issues and I encourage you to do the same.  Just be sure you are cruising reputable sites!  I like Mayo Clinic, WebMD, and National Library of Medicine.  I’m not linking those here, but do a search and you’ll find them easily.  Then just plug in your particular concern and you’ll be on your way to reliable, reputable knowledge!

Take notes, write down your questions and then head to the doctor.  Most doctors appreciate a patient who is informed and will take initiative to learn about their health and conditions or try to find out what’s going on with their own body.  As long as you’re not a hypochondriac, I think that will most always be the case.  However, IF your doctor seems perterbed that you’ve come armed with information, you’d be better off finding another doctor.  The sooner the better.

If you have questions, if you’ve recently been diagnosed with a thyroid issue or think you are having symptoms, shoot me a message or leave a comment.  I’ll give you all the help I can while you are seeking a doctor’s care.

Maybe I’ll get aroud to that sunshine-and-me post later?  Eh…maybe.  Haha!