What God did first

NOTE:  I’m working at almost 10pm WHILE doing several other chores, so no pix in this post unless I come back later and upload some.  Please read even if the post isn’t properly decorated.  smile  I really want to share this with you AND hear what you think!!

I’ve had this thought rolling around in my head all day after reading a short devotional about the topic.

If you’re like me, you’ve read the verse AT LEAST a bajillion times.  Well, at least you’ve heard it read or referenced to that many times.  It’s right there in the very front, the very first taste of what the Bible holds if you opened it like a novel (and mostly we don’t) and expected to figure out what the gist of the thing was by that first grab-you sentence.  But we always overlook it.


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

~Genesis 1:1

I think pretty must anyone knows that one, even if they’re not “religious” or weren’t raised in church or ever read the Bible.  I don’t know if it’s because we kinda already know that God is going to do some amazing things in the “story” or maybe we are too eager to get to “the good parts” or even to a part we want to argue about that we just skip over this introduction.

I mean, think about it like this:  it’s the FIRST picture we get of God directly from the Book He guided and instructed all those people to write over all those hundreds of years and so what is the first thing you’d think He might want to tell the world about Himself….




Nope, not that either.




Not even that…




No.  None of these important things are what He chose to be the very first representation of Himself by Himself to His children.


He chose to tell us that first, He



When I first got that it was a major “WOW” moment for me.  Now don’t just keep your mind in the vein of creating or “making” all the creatures, planets, trees and stuff.  Think about the WAY He created them all.

Think about all the thousands of species of birds there are… think about all the colors, the sizes and shapes, the habitat and characteristics, the traits each one has.   It’s mind-boggling, isn’t it?

It is to me!  I mean, okay, so God could have made everything gorgeously, unbelievably beautiful…every type of land animal and fish and bird.  He could have made them all one certain color, or one shade, or one size… one ANYthing, you see??  But He didn’t.  He chose to CREATE with each one and then give them the ability to adapt, learn and propagate its own species, retaining the appearance and such but inside, each one is still uniquely genuine.  One bird’s DNA isn’t exactly like another of the same species.

Take this robin for instance…  I took this picture years ago because I noticed the nest down low enough to be eye-level with it and then that the mama bird didn’t seem overly frightened of me.  That’s when I decided to try taking a photo.

And this was one of the old-fashioned kind of pictures.  I had to send it off to be developed before I could see how it turned out!

I don’t know if you’ve picked this up about me, but I am a bit of a bird fanatic.  More of a bird-ee than birder, I’m afraid.  My boys and I got really into birds when they had a group study about them with our homeschool group and from there, it just grew to something we spent a lot of time doing.  I bought us several identification books and those awesome coloring books with details pictures of different birds.  We even got Tommy interested enough to chase a golden eagle all over the lake once summer evening with our little boat.

I guess that’s why I just automatically chose the bird to illustrate God’s creativity.  There’s just SO MUCH variety in them and such vivid coloring and such interesting habits and abilities.

Anyway, so after reading the devotion this morning and thinking all day now about how God took His time, didn’t just speed through His creation of everything.  Even though He could do it all in ONE day if He’d wanted, He took His time and made things so unique and so individual.

Just like us!  I could ponder this kind of thing forever but I can’t believe it never occurred to me that God had actually presented Himself to us in the Bible first as a creative being.

It got me to thinking… I think we’re all a little the way I feel.  I sometimes think I could just burst with all the creative ideas I have.  Some of them are just NOT gonna come out of me no matter what.  Like painting an awesome portrait, for example.  But I CAN paint and I can do a fairly decent job most of the time.  But I don’t nurture that gift.  I’ve never realized it actually IS a very great gift.

Like my book… I haven’t worked much on it lately.  Part of the reason (or so I tell myself) is that I fear perhaps my volunteer editor has gotten too busy to help me with it.  I know this is just an excuse and I’ve been saying that I can only work on it when I FEEL like it, but really… that’s not exactly how successful authors do it.  They write EVERY DAY!

I’ve GOT to start doing that.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t get the time to write, to flesh out my thoughts, even if it’s not for the book.

Like this post, actually.  I’ve been busy all day since the hubby is off work for a long weekend.  We got our new mailbox (along with the HEAVY iron column Tommy cut and sanded for it) put up and cemented in.   We even primed and spray painted it.  I also got the yard mowed.  Even though this took a trip to town for supplies and even after Tommy had to leave first thing this morning to help my dad with something.  We still got some things done.

And the whole time, I’ve been pondering these thoughts and thinking, “Boy, I’d like to make a post out of this.” and then “But you’ve been a crappy blogger for the past month!” and “It takes you too stinkin’ long to put together a post these days.” so I didn’t think I would even try and right now??

Right now, Silvey is in the next room ringing her bell to go outside.  Tommy is sitting in the recliner in that same room flipping through Netflix on the television.  He so rarely has a chance to do that, just sit and watch tv, that I can’t bear to ask him to let her out.  But he is literally four steps from the door.

So I take a deep breath, get up, walk in there and open the door… and I can’t help letting a little attitude slip into my voice as I call her a butthead for deciding, nah, she doesn’t wanna go out now.  Yep, she just looked at me like she didn’t know why I was holding the door open, letting bugs in…

ARGH!  Oh, and I’m fixing supper, too.  Spaghetti squash and sausage.  So I’m jumping up from my laptop on the kitchen island to go flip sausage patties or check on the squash.  Oops!  Now I need to go and fork out the squash since it’s done now…

I begin to feel a bit down and probably a little sorry for myself, but I shouldn’t.  I mean, yeah, that writing-only-when-I-feel-like-it will probably only ever work if I do it when Tommy’s gone on a week-long trip and Silvey is… I dunno, not such a poop!

I can’t blame these things, these people (and dog) for bothering me right now.  I just need to be more disciplined in using my creativity.  And I need to nurture that creativity more.

I need to see it as the gift from God that it is and not something that isn’t worthwhile.

Does any of this make sense to or resonate with anyone else?  Anyone?  Seriously… ANYBODY?!???