wouldn’t you know it? I’m getting sick!

I tell ya, sometimes I wanna just scream!  After my big post about how much better I’m feeling with my neck & shoulder pain (read here) I started with a little tickle-y cough a couple days ago.  By last night, it had turned into a constant throat-clearing in an attempt to move the glue off my tonsils.  Yeah, nice, huh?  There’s a big wad of thick gunk that just sits right at the back of my throat but it won’t move up or down.  Such a pain!

Maybe you saw my Instagram photo of me and Tommy heading out last night for a last-minute, spontaneous date night.  It would have been awesome except for that daggone mucus train trying to drive through my head.  By the time I finished my chicken tender salad with 1000 Island dressing, my mouth was in shreds and throbbing (that’s my super-tender, allergy-prone mouth for ya…between the rough texture of that super-crispy chicken, something a little spicy in its batter and the tartness of the dressing, I couldn’t quite finish for the pain in my mouth.  ARGH!) and the bit of heat from the chicken had started my sinuses running.  I ended up walking out of there trying to blow my nose while holding an ice cube in my mouth to ease that pain.

I know.  I sound like a really high-maintenance chick, don’t I?  I promise, I’m not really, but when this kind of thing starts happening, I’m a mess and at a complete loss to control it. We did stay until the end of the meal.  Tommy had his plate clean as a whistle while I was still struggling to eat what I could before my mouth was just too painful to eat anymore.

This morning, the roof of my mouth has the remnants of all the tiny scratches made by the crunchy chicken and I’ve been scraping the resulting buildup of skin off as much as I can.  (sorry, TMI?  well, this is a common occurrence for me)

I didn’t sleep worth a flip last night for the cough, which hasn’t gotten completely out of control the way my coughs usually do, thank God, but the throat gunk was just miserable.  I probably should have tried gargling but knew it would sting the heck out of my cut-up mouth, so I didn’t.  I took all my night-time allergy meds (generic Rx Mucinex DM along with 12-Hour Sudafed twice a day) plus a couple Benedryl thinking that might help me sleep and soothe the whole mess, but nope.

sigh  Yeah, I’m so over this stuff!  And while I am feeling a tad better after using the Netti Pot this morning and noticing that my ears are popping and cracking like mad, I can still feel the “whatever it is” trying to get me.  I’m getting back on my Emergen-C 1,000 mg Vitamin C Drink Mix to boost my immune system a bit.

Right…just when I was starting to feel so much better!  Gah!
When this kinda thing happens, it always makes me wonder what God’s up to and why the devil is trying so hard to whoop me or keep me from being up for it.  Oh, don’t you worry.  He won’t hold me down.  I know God can bring about whatever He plans in spite of the wicked’s best efforts, so I’m hanging in there.

I just wondered, though, does that kind of thing happen to you?  Do you wonder the same way I do?  What’s God been prepping you for and why is there such an effort to keep you from doing or realizing it?  Or do you just get super-pessimistic and bitter?  I hope it’s the former because I firmly believe there is a purpose in everything.  God can use the worst of situations to bring about something glorious if we will let Him.

How do you deal with these kinds of setbacks in your life?



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